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Fin – An Oldie And A Goodie

A few years and a couple of jobs ago, a colleague of mine used to RAVE about Fin.  At that time, I did make a mental note to check it out for myself- but living near Westport area, I somehow always find myself at Matsu Sushi.  Besides, with all the new restaurants that are opening constantly and with the ever changing culinary landscape of Fairfield county, it is easy to overlook the old gems that have been present right under our very noses?  And so, sadly, I never gave Fin a chance ….. until now.

Fin in Fairfield and Fin || in Stamford – have been around for years.  They are popular lunch and dinner spots as well as for take-out.  They offer lots of different options of Sushi, Sashimi, special rolls and even Dim Sum!  There is something for everyone on this menu.

Fin stamford

The servers are very friendly and attentive and I found the food to be quite delightful, refreshing and creative.  The quality of the fish was really good.  

 I was confident of its freshness at Fin ||. :-)

I especially LOVED the Fin House Roll!  So much so, that I felt compelled to order another.  You have got to try it.  It is lightly crunchy, delicately spicy and super moist.  I really enjoyed all the flavor and textural contrasts in each mouthful.

The Curried Crab and Corn Pan Fried Dumpling was another surprisingly delicious dish.  It managed to create a sense of expected AND unexpected all at once.  While the dumpling was a familiar experience the curried crab inside made for a nice surprise.

Fin fairfield

The Fried Oyster with Katsu Sauce was pretty impressive in execution.  The oysters were huge and the batter was light and airy resulting in a very delicate crunch surrounding the super moist and meaty interior.  You could almost imagine the deft hands behind this dish.  The Katsu sauce manages to complement but not overwhelm the subtle flavor of the oyster.

The menu is really extensive and designed to please all.  For those who don’t enjoy sushi, there is a nice selection of wholesome entrees on the menu like the Grilled N.Y. Strip Steak cooked just right to retain its juices and flavor.  It is hard to experience all that this gem has to offer in one visit.  Besides I am already craving the yummy Fin hand roll.  So, watch out Fin, here I come …..

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