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One of the newest hotspots for great food and great vibe has to be The Spread in South Norwalk.  A wonderful addition to SoNo’s dining scene, the five friends and owners behind this restaurant really know what they are doing.  It’s a perfect team that brings forth their excellent culinary, bartending, and management skills to create an experience like no other. Hats off to Arik, Christopher, Shawn, Andrey and Chris! 

Shall we talk food now?… :-) 

Last night was my second visit to The Spread and by now I have had the pleasure of trying many dishes on the menu.  One thing to know about The Spread….it is no ordinary restaurant.  It is a Modern American restaurant with an ever-changing menu that is influenced by various cuisines of the world.  So, if you are tired of the same old same old, you go to The Spread. The Spread in South Norwalk

Chef Arik Bensimon is constantly re-inventing himself in an effort to bring to us unique ingredients and preparations.  For instance, you must try the Beef Tongue with arugula, truffle and bruschetta.  Wow!  (BTW: If you get hung up on the main ingredient in this dish, you will be missing out on something delicious).  Or how about the Octopus Tandoori?  I mean!  Who would have thunk?!!! 

I loved how the Octopus Tandoori with Chickpea Porridge brought together wonderful Indian/middle eastern flavors to my palate.  One of my favorite elements of this dish were these really crunchy whole chick peas that brought a wonderful textural note to the dish and managed to elevate the chickpea porridge to a new level.  Well done, Arik! 

The Spread in South Norwalk

The Foie Gras Torchon packed tons of flavor in each bite.  I could not stop eating this stuff (so glad I don’t live in California!).   The hand cut Steak Tartare was served with excellent French fries.  I would have loved a bit more of a sour note on this dish. 

A favorite of mine was the Harissa Mussels.  So yummy!  The harissa was wonderfully incorporated in the broth so as to add to the depth of flavor but not overwhelm the dish with spicy notes.  I was so glad they gave us the big spoons with it to sop up all the goodness in that bowl.  The white wine aioli served with the bread alongside this dish added a well-paired and slightly tangy note to this dish. 

The Spread in South Norwalk

With compliments of Chef Arik, we tried a new addition to the menu:  the rabbit. Whoa!  Chef Arik managed to create such a delicate and flavorful crunch to this dish…it worked so well with the mild flavor of rabbit meat. I loved it! 

Andrey joined us for a while and insisted we order dessert before we leave.  On his recommendation we had the Dulche de Leche Flan.  I was pleasantly surprised that it was not overly sweet.  Andrey’s suggestion to pair it with Vanilla ice cream was right-on, as well.  He insisted we try a yummy concoction that he created behind the bar for us.  Tasting light and lightly sweet with beautiful vanilla notes ….it is yet to be named, but the taste is still in my memory.  Thank you Andrey!  :-) 

With many more dishes that I have yet to try at The Spread, I look forward to my next visit….very soon.  Have you been? 

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