I Finally Met The Man Behind Bobby Q’s!

Couple of days ago I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Bob LeRose at Bobby Q’s in Westport and spending a couple hours learning all about BBQ from the master himself.

My family and I have been hooked on to Bobby Q’s from the minute we moved to Fairfield County, Connecticut from New Jersey. As a matter of fact, we used to make it a point to have lunch at Bobby Q’s each time we came to see homes for sale in the area. Our home search took us 3-4 months but we did not mind coming all the way from NJ, because it gave us a reason to visit Bobby Q’s.

At home, we spend most of our summers BBQ-ing for friends and family and we consider ourselves to be pretty good at it. We love grilling steaks, and hamburgers and chicken on our gas grill.

Bob LeRose opened our eyes in the first five minutes when he said – that cooking hamburgers and hot dogs etc on the grill is not BBQ. It is “grilling”. He said it is a popular misnomer in the north east to call that BBQ. Real BBQ is slow cooking things like pulled pork, ribs etc on indirect heat. And real BBQ masters use smokers to do the job. He did, however, show us tricks to use an average gas grill as an effective smoker.

Another very interesting point he made was that people often get into discussions of which state has the best BBQ…and then in each state the battle goes on between different restaurants. Bob made us realize that no one place is the best….they each have their own style of BBQing and they each have their unique flavors and techniques. He encouraged us to create our own style and flavors and not worry about copying others.

It was a very inspiring evening from which we took home all the basic information one needs to start experimenting with techniques, spices and cuts of meat and what not.

Bobby Q’s will always be one of our family’s favorite places to eat in Fairfield County!

Bobby Q's, Westport CT






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