Le Wow!

So my dear foodie friend and I had been planning to lunch at Terrain in Westport.  Today was the day….and I was eagerly looking forward to our lunch at Westport’s newest hotspot.  We got there at 1 PM to find out that the next table would be available at 2:00 PM!  Seriously?!!!!

Clearly, we needed a plan B.  We were both in the mood for something special…and Le Farm was the obvious choice.   We were delighted to see that they had plenty of tables available.  I thought to myself: not a bad Plan B, Fairfield County Foodie, not a bad plan at all!

I have been to Le Farm before and each time I go, I am struck by Chef Bill Taibe’s creative genius.  He has been bringing us unique and mouthwatering food dish after dish.  Just click on the image below to visit Le Farm website and view their menu to get an idea of what I mean.

Today we ordered 3 dishes to share, each was so different and uniquely delicious.   First up was a new dish on the menu, a Duck Rillete with Black Currant Jam. This spread was so smooth and creamy, perfectly flavored and seasoned and it did wonders to the flavor profile when paired with the sweetness of the black currant jam.  What a delicate composition! Le Farm in Westport CT

Next was my favorite dish of all:  Grass Fed Beef Marrow with Parsley Mustard.  Hmm….how do I begin to describe it?   This dish was earthy and yet sophisticated all at the same time.  Marrow by nature is ever so delicate in its flavor as well as texture and it is so important not to overshadow it with seasonings and spices.  This one was done just right.  Juicy and buttery soft…it literally melted in the mouth. A delicious parsley mustard was served on the side to allow you to kick the flavors up a notch.  All you really needed was a drop of this goodness to make your perfect bite.

After two indulgent dishes we were craving something healthy to clear our conscience.  The Lacinato Kale salad did just that and managed to keep our taste buds performing a wonderful dance in our mouths.   This salad had farro, dates, dried cherries and pistachios.  It was seasoned with aged white balsamic.  How divine!  The earthiness of the farro, the sweetness of the dates, the tartness of the cherries and the nuttiness of the pistachios.  Mmmm…. Only a genius can orchestrate such a complex melody.

Le Farm is truly a Le Wow!

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