Let’s Do Lunch At Versailles

To enjoy an amazing French bistro, you don’t really have to fly to France.  Just get in the car and drive up to Versailles on Greenwich Ave. in Greenwich, CT. 

What a cozy little place it is….buzzing and hopping with activity.  As soon as you enter you get a sense that this is the kind of place that must be a favorite neighborhood hangout for many loyal customers.  

I was instantly struck by the amazing display of all kinds of dessert cakes and pastries, and I just knew that I had made the right choice by coming here.   After all, this is my kind of place! 

My family and I were there for lunch, so I behaved myself and resisted all the sweet confections until after we had eaten.  We started with a hot bowl of French Onion Soup…perfect for that nippy, cloudy, Sunday afternoon.  Ooey gooey cheese, delicious oniony broth… aahhhh!   

If I ever see Croque Monsieur on a menu, I HAVE to have  it!  And so I did.   :-)  It was divine.  Infact it was so good, that we ordered another one for all of us to share.  It was light and airy with a generous portion of ham in the middle and delicious topping of cheese.  YUM!   

Once lunch was over, I jumped up to the bakery counter and ordered a sampling of pastries to take home.   Of all the desserts I tried there, all very good, I think my favorite was Pear Saint-Michel, a chocolate almond and flamed pear cake with chocolate and caramel mousse.  Extremely moist and so very delicate in both the flavor as well as the texture. 

Versailles is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   Hope you visit them soon…and if you do, let me know what you thought. 

Bon appetit!

Click on the image below to visit Versaille’s website.Versailles Bakery and Cafe in Greenwich

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