The Hip And Trendy New Kid On The Block

Residents of Wilton, Weston, Redding and Ridgefield REJOICE!  There is a new hip and trendy newcomer on the block.  Centrally located to all the towns listed above, Bistro 7 has recently opened its doors in North Wilton.

Last evening, I was invited to a special VIP night (yes…that would be me!) to sample this wonderful new restaurant and its innovative menu.  Pulling from a multi-cultural mix of backgrounds of its co-owners, Matt (Italian) and Breno (Brazilian and Italian) and adding the wonderful talents of their German Chef Kris, serving regular menu items as well as Spanish Tapas style options – this truly is a fusion of  many prominent food cultures of the world.  Add to that the really hip and trendy vibe and the wonderfully warm and friendly staff –what you end up with is a recipe for success.

Bistro 7 serves modern American artisanal cuisine with local and organic ingredients.   I have to say that it really warms my heart to see area restaurants supporting local farmers and local ingredients.  There is something very comforting in knowing that the ingredients in the dish you are eating did not travel long distance for days and weeks with tons of preservatives added to it so that it can “appear” fresh until it gets to your table.  Don’t you agree?

Bistro7 in Wilton CT

My “rocking” significant other (thanks OmNomCT, for the compliment) and I decided to order a few tapas so we can sample multiple things.  We had the yummy Grilled Octopus with Chorizo and Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette,  the Carpaccio Chimichurri with delicious Chimimayo, and my favorite of the evening … Smoked Pork Belly with Beluga Lentils, Balsamic Cherries with Chlli Spiced KroePoek (shrimp chips).  I loved that the chef added finely sliced raw onions to the Carpaccio.  It added a perfect crunch and zing of flavor to the whole plate.  What a simple move and yet so powerful!  And the smokiness of the pork belly was amazing!   The meat itself was tender and perfectly cooked.

Bistro7 in Wilton

For dessert, we ordered the Grand Mariner Marinated Orange Slices with Cinnamon Gelato.  I loved this simple dessert with very beautiful and refreshing flavors.  Breno walked by and  insisted that we must try the chef’s favorite dessert as well: the Crème Brulee.  How could we refuse?  Man!  I am so glad we tried the Crème Brulee.  Chef Kris came out and explained why he likes it so much.  You see, unlike the average Crème Brulee, his custard is served warm.  What that does is that instead of a cold dense set mass of custard, you bite into a warm gooey molten goodness.  The contrast of that custard with the crisp sugar on top is dynamite.  It made me wonder why we have not been eating Crème Brulee like this all along!

Bistro 7 | 991 Danbury Rd , Wilton CT  | (203) 587-1287 |

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