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Manresa: An Experience Not To Miss

source site Manresa.  A restaurant that has intrigued me ever since I read a glowing article about its chef David Kinch – whom I subsequently got to meet during an intimate dinner during the 2014 New York City Wine & Food Festival.  What I learned about chef David Kinch was his strong sense of terroir,  his close connection to the local farmers and food purveyors, his immaculate treatments of all ingredients and his flawless execution of the final dish.  At the New York City Wine & Food Festival, chef Kinch flew in all his ingredients from California. He wanted the diners to experience the bounty of California in all its glory.  The meal was exceptionally delicious and delicately nuanced.  It was a privilege to be in attendance.  But It left me wondering what further wonders this chef can achieve when he is in his own kitchen.  I was eager to experience more of this chef’s creativity and expertise on his home turf….  in his own restaurant…..  Manresa in Los Gatos California. Manresa los gatos ca

go to link Last time when my honey and I were in California, Manresa was shut down for over 5 months due to a massive fire that required the whole restaurant to be renovated.  Manresa 2.0 has now been in action for about a year and this trip to California had to center around it.  Diligently, I reserved our table for two.  I even booked us into a hotel in Lost Gatos- so we can enjoy the whole experience without any stress of a long drive afterwards.  Los Gatos is a really pretty town, so spending the night there was an absolute pleasure.

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follow link At Manresa, every detail from the moment we walked in till the moment we left was immaculately taken care of.  The staff was so tuned-in to our every need as they chatted with us with great combination of deference and friendliness.  We were totally at ease for the entire 3 or so hours we were there. We were told that since it was our first time at Manresa- we will not see the menu until the very end of the meal.  The team wanted to surprise and excite our senses.  Oh! How well it worked!!!

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omprare viagra generico 100 mg consegna rapida a Verona I asked about the fire as well as the extent of renovations it required, and the General Manger promised to take us on a tour of the kitchen at the end of our meal.  It was super cool to see the kitchen and its team that had pampered us with an utterly flawless meal.  Chef Kinch greeted us as soon as we walked in.  He, his staff and his kitchen were totally at ease despite a pretty full dining room. Manresa los gatos ca

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acquistare viagra online generico 50 mg a Bologna I have been to a few tasting menus, and I can safely say that this was my favorite.  The meal had no low notes.  Every dish….EVERY DISH manage to thrill and excite us in new ways and with surprising flavors and tantalizing textures.  The portions were perfect because till the last moment we were anticipating our next bite.  We left feeling utterly content and thoroughly pampered. Manresa los gatos ca

clomid and alcohol interactions with other drugs Manresa holds 3 Michelin stars… and deserves every one of them.  I loved everything about this spectacular dinner….and I enjoyed another opportunity of meeting and chatting with chef Kinch.

Manresa los gatos ca

Manresa los gatos ca

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