el segundo south norwalk ct

A Global Street Party!

Wanna have some fun?  Feel like doing something new and different?  How about a Global Street Party?! 

You heard me!  Send out an invite to friends and family.  Perk up the menu and order up some yummy street-style food from all over the globe.  Add on some killer beverages.  Oh! And don’t forget to invite that very very special group of friends that REALLY know how to have a good time.  Voila!  IT’S TIME TO PAARTAAYYYY!!

el segundo south norwalk ct

What?  Sounds too complicated to pull off?  No worries then.  All you have to do is head on over to El Segundo in South Norwalk and let them bring all the elements together for you and your friends to have a good time.

The fabulous team behind the Spread restaurant, the 4 amigos, Andrey Cortes, Chris Hickey, Chris Rasile and Shawn Longyear along with their rockstar chef Carlos Baez have come together once again to create another fabulous concept restaurant.  They call it El Segundo.  And it brings to us global street food.  Really!!!

el segundo south norwalk ct

Since the Spread team is behind this venture there are three things you know for certain. 

1. Food is going to be dynamite.

2. There will be killer cocktails to match

3. The entire staff will be like your best friends…  and boy! do they KNOW how to turn every night into the most fun party.

el segundo sono ct

El Segundo lived up to my expectations.  Nay, it exceeded them.  I have been there a couple of times now and am absolutely blown away by the ease with which they are executing this really complex menu of many flavors, many ingredients, many sauces, many spices and many cooking techniques from all the world. Yes!  It’s all coming out of the same kitchen.  And this kitchen is open to the dining area – so you can sit at the counter overlooking all the action.  What a great way to enjoy the whole experience! 

el segundo sono ct

There seems to be something for everyone on this menu.  I haven’t tried every item yet (still working on it), but thus far I am loving the Nua Prik Thai Nahm Jim (Philippines),  the Bulgogi (Korea) with some of the tenderest pieces of meat, the Arancini (Italy) with its perfect balance of texture and flavors and the Bhel Puri (India) with gloriously tangy, sweet and spicy notes in its tamarind chutney. The Ceviche (Peru) is packed with bright flavors and served with tostones (fried plantain chips).  The Churrasco (Argentina) was delicious with the chimichurri sauce.  Heck! Even the desserts are bound to put a huge smile of contentment on your face.  I could just go on and on…..   

Or, you could get your you-know-what over there and give this fabulously refreshing restaurant a try.  What do you say?!  🙂

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