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Blanca : Stylish. Sexy. Superb!

here Blanca, according to the Urban Dictionary: is “usually a stylish sexy girl who always knows how to have fun”.

generic levitra commercial woman After spending 2.5 hours at the highly coveted, secretly tucked away, Blanca restaurant in Brooklyn, I couldn’t agree more!  With 20-some courses of utterly sensuous and sexy food served in an intimate setting of 12 comfy leather seats complete with extremely friendly and attentive staff….  and surprisingly peppy music playing in the background – Yeah!  That’s Blanca all right!

go to link Most courses at Blanca were pretty small – practically bite-sized.  But each of those bites packed an incredible concentration of outstanding flavor combinations and exciting textures. And some of those courses offered a fun play on temperature contrast as well.  Throughout the meal, I experienced a continued sense of wonderment…. how did they conceive and implement this dish… and how can it taste THIS good! I mean, who would have thought to coat a baby corn in foie gras?  It was such a perfect bite. The crunchy and earthy texture of the baby corn was perfect contrast to the luxurious and ethereal mouth-feel of foie gras.  I also loved the fact that this course was not heavy-handed with too much foie gras.  Because, while I simply adore foie gras, too much of it sits really heavily on my palate and ruins my enjoyment of any other food that follows. The first few courses reminded me of bright, beautiful flavors of summer.  They did a fabulous job of exciting my senses and practically had me sitting there, the remainder of the evening, like a happy-happy puppy dog wagging its tail!  🙂

source url The beautiful melon macadamia course – was a mystery in terms of the melon’s remarkable silken texture and intense flavor.  I found out later that it was vacuum compressed to get those results.  The sourdough ice-cream still has me scratching my head.  How the heck did they do that?! And when the bread course arrived – I practically wanted to get off my seat and do a happy puppy dance!  You see, they serve the same dough they prepare for Roberta’s pizza next door – except this bread is fermented for another 3 days.  The results were mind-blowing!  You have GOT TO give this a try.

go site As each course ended, I wanted, nay needed, to eat more of it.  I desperately wanted to prolong my enjoyment of it a bit longer.  That is – until the next course arrived.  At which point I felt the same yearning all over again. With such an intimate setting comes a wonderful advantage.  Of watching up close and personal how a 2-Michelin star restaurant functions.  The chefs all looked completely in control of the courses.  Everything was getting prepped and fired right on cue.  I loved watching the chemistry between the team members during dinner service at Blanca. They all clearly realize that they are part of something very special (after all it is one of the most talked about restaurants in New York area) and they are having a heck of a time being a part of it. Blanca, Brooklyn |

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