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What A Blast!

Charged atmosphere!  Wines galore! Delicious food!  Celebrity sightings!  Really, really, REALLY full but happy bellies!  🙂 

The Greenwich Food and Wine Festival last weekend was a blast!  I was there Saturday and had such a great time.   There was so much good food and wine to be had.  The area’s best of the … Continue Reading ››

To Market, To Market…

I love going grocery shopping every day.  I like to browse a different store or farmers market each day and let it inspire me for my dinner menu that night.  If something speaks to me, I buy it and it gets served at my family’s dinner table.  It’s a great strategy, because it … Continue Reading ››

Fairfield County’s Very Own Food and Wine Festival

Listen-Up Everybody!  

Are you a die-hard foodie?  Do you love to eat great food?  Are you addicted to cooking shows on TV?  Are you a bold adventurer in your own kitchen?  

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, then you need to get your you-know-what … Continue Reading ››

Let’s Do Lunch At Versailles

To enjoy an amazing French bistro, you don’t really have to fly to France.  Just get in the car and drive up to Versailles on Greenwich Ave. in Greenwich, CT. 

What a cozy little place it is….buzzing and hopping with activity.  As soon as you enter you get a sense that this … Continue Reading ››

Last Night I Said “Hello” To Portuguese Cuisine

For some reason Portuguese cuisine is not as well known in USA.  Sadly, nobody seems to talk about it and no one seems to rave about it.   As a result, I never felt an urge to give it a try.   I felt content in my world of Italian, French, Spanish, American and Asian fare.  Then a … Continue Reading ››

French Cuisine At Its Finest!

Most of us think of French food and we think of crepes or baguettes…..but there is so much more to it than that.  I have discovered that French cuisine is a very delicate cuisine created with extreme finesse.  Yes, there is a lot of butter in most dishes…but even the butter flavor shines … Continue Reading ››