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Curbside Yum! It was one of those mornings.  I had gone to bed late the night before.  As a result, the following morning ended up being rushed and chaotic.   In a hurry to get to work and anticipating the usual I-95 rush-hour traffic, I has no choice but to skip breakfast.  Ugh!  Watch out people…. because I was gonna be HANGRY!!! magees curbside stamford ct

drug finasteride 5mg tablets But pulling into my office parking lot, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  A new food truck had rolled in for breakfast.  I don’t remember distinctly, but I may have hit the breaks a little too hard … bounced out of my car a little too fast….  perhaps even forgotten to lock my car in my hurry…  and without even bothering to enter my office and say a very good morning to my boss and colleagues… I opted to get me some breakfast!

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go here Did you know that Magee’s Curbside has recently launched a food truck?  Offering breakfast and lunch options – it is a whole lotta make-me-feel-good-food rolling in and around Stamford.    If you have visited Magee’s Curbside’s brick and mortar restaurant in Stamford, you already know that this menu is unique and exciting.  It’s a menu full of items we all love to eat all the time – with some fun twists.  It’s comfort food.  Plain and simple! For breakfast that day I tried the Bacon, Egg & Cheese Empanadas!   Loved the empanadas with the side of curbside sriracha sauce.  And the home fries aka. tater tots are downright addictive!  It really perked me up and put me in a cheerful mood for the rest of the day.

follow magees curbside stamford ct That day the food truck stayed at my office complex through lunchtime… so naturally I went back for some more tasty bites.  The Fish Tacos were bright and flavorful.  With beer-battered pieces of haddock served with avocado, red cabbage slaw and chipotle sauce – it had tons of great flavor, textures and crunch.  And don’t even get me started on the Mother-Clucker (fried chicken sandwich)!  Don’t you just love that name?!  🙂

soft viagra for sale The house-made potato chips are a good snack to buy and enjoy later in the day, when your eyes get a little droopy, a cup of joe is a dire necessity and those pesky cravings hit you. magees curbside stamford ct

prednisone 40mg To my delight, the Magee’s Curbside food truck came back to the office the following week.  And this time, I discovered a new favorite: “What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?”  (yeah!  thats the name if the dish).  This buttermilk fried chicken is tender and juicy.  It is served with applewood smoked bacon, country style biscuit, house made sausage gravy and two sunny side up eggs!  Do I need to say any thing further about this?   It’s like grandma’s warm, comforting love on a plate.  Mmmmm…mmm…good!

magees curbside stamford ct

Follow Magee’s Curbside Instagram account to keep know where to find them.  And check out their website to learn more about their menu at the restaurant and on the food truck.

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