Westport Library FLEX

DONT MISS: Westport Library FLEX Programming

A conversation with MOshe is always scintillating.   His creative sensibilities never cease to amaze.   And now he has done it again!

MOshe Aelyon is the creative mind behind the Westport Library’s FLEX programming….. a 5 day extravaganza showcasing all the wonderful ways the new version of the library will serve its community and bring people together for unforgettable experiences.

Check out my Q&A with MOshe on CTbites and enter to win free tickets to some of the most coveted FLEX events…. think Ruth Reichl,  Bill Taibe and more.

Follow this link for more:  http://www.ctbites.com/blog/2018/3/6/qa-with-moshecreator-of-flex-experience-at-the-westport-library

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