Healthy Can Be Surprisingly Tasty!

Who knew!

I have to admit, I generally steer clear of healthy eats because more often than not, they tend to be bland and boring.  After all, a juicy burger or a yummy steak layered with fat are deliciously irresistible.  And I can’t even imagine eating a baked donut instead of it being fried – because my brain would scream “DO NOT eat that baked DONUT”!  After all, what’s the point?   And someone coined the phrase “icing on the cake”, because its so damned good! You know where my head is at, right?

Enter Green&Tonic!  A wonderful solution to healthful eating without compromising on flavors.  I love that the folks behind this company believe in the following statement:  “Healthy food should be fresh, vibrant and full of interesting flavor”.  Thank you God!


Green&Tonic is serving up high-quality, non-GMO, organic eats.  Their website and print collateral is packed with all the information you may need about what you are eating and why its good for you.  With a tremendous selection of fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, wraps, soups and breakfast foods, Green&Tonic makes eating healthy really simple and simply delicious.  If you are looking to make serious transformation in your eating habits – you will love their meal plans and cleanse programs.  Check them out. 

Green&Tonic has been doing business in Fairfield county for quite some time now.  But I had not had a chance to visit them.  That is, until I noticed balloons indicating their grand opening of the new Westport location, last week.  And now, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that in the past 7 days I have visited their Westport, Darien as well as their Greenwich locations.  You could say, I am hooked.  And you would be right!  🙂


While I have yet to work my way through the entire menu, I am already madly in love with the Turmeric Tonic and Daily Detox juices.  I love their refreshing flavors and the fact that they are jam-packed with nutrients that are so very good for me.  Each ingredient is picked for its health-benefits and the final flavor profile is clearly on the minds of the chefs who created these juice combinations.  They are delicious.

The Falafel wrap (wrapped in collard green leaf) has a nice kick of flavor as well as touch of spice from the garlic.  The falafel is baked rather than fried – and I honestly couldn’t even tell the difference.  How perfect!  Another surprising item on the menu is the spicy avocado wrap.  It is clearly a crowd favorite because its the first one to disappear from the shelves by lunch time.  I had to drive to the Greenwich location – just to try it out.  I’m serious!  The genius spicy cashew paté takes this wrap to a whole new level as it’s flavors and texture get paired with the creamy avocado and crisp red peppers.  Did I say genius?!


Green&Tonic serves prepared foods for snacks, lunch or dinner.  Even their smoothies are made to order.  So far I have tried Gravitas and Zenergy – both really tasty and packed with good nutrients.  They are perfect for a light lunch option or a mid-day snack.

Thank you Green&Tonic for making healthy surprisingly tasty!  And I will see you again soon!  😉

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