How Many Ways Do I Love Thee

enter What?!!!  You didn’t think this post was going to be dedicated to my sweetheart, did you?  Yes! Yes! I know it’s Valentine’s Day and all that … but I just want to keep the mushy stuff between my sweetheart and me, while I write about my love for food.  So let’s talk about how many ways I love braised short ribs! 

accutane side effects dangerous Last weekend, Nemo forced us all to be homebound for a whole day.  While most people were fretting about potential loss of power and shortage of food supplies on grocery store shelves – I was thinking about what I am going to cook that day.  In a time where everyone seems to be always on the go, having a whole day to cook opens up luxurious possibilities, don’t you agree?  I wanted to do a slow-cooked braise.  Nay!  I CRAVED it!  

comprare levitra Liguria So, naturally I went to my local grocer and stocked up on supplies I needed to make braised short ribs during the storm.  cheap viagra I just had to have short ribs with some creamy polenta.  Then on Saturday morning, while the entire state was trying to dig themselves out of the snow, I started to braise the short ribs – promptly at 9 AM!   🙂 Braised Short Ribs with polenta

here I LOVE to cook short ribs in winters.  There is nothing like a slow braise – in the oven for 7-8 hours perfuming my whole house with delicious aromas all day, building up the suspense till I can’t take it anymore and then finally resulting in a dish where the flavors are so intense and the meat literally slides off the bone!  I love the combination of earthy, heartwarming, county-style and family-style feelings it evokes in me. short rib omelete

see But more so than that, I enjoy the various ways I get to translate those left over short ribs into various other dishes.  For instance, have you ever left over short ribs stuffed in your omelet the next morning?  You must.  All you need is a little salsa to freshen up the dish and voila! This time I tried yet another rendition… for a mid-day snack.  I toasted some slices of bread, drizzled with olive oil, till they were really crisp.  Then I topped them with some of this delicious meat, with a top coat of grated gruyere.  Into the oven they went to heat through and melt the cheese.  For garnish, I did a quick pickle of some sliced jalapenos – to cut out some (but not all) of its heat, and add some fresh sour&sweet flavor profiles.  The result was dynamite!  Give it a try to see what I mean.  Short rib on Toast

go to site Everyone has their own recipes for making braised short ribs.  I particularly like to add apple cider, fresh herbs, tons of vegetables and smoked paprika to mine.  They all add wonderful dimensions of flavor.  

follow link How do you cook your braised short ribs?  Tell me baby girl coz I need to know!


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