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Macaron Mania!

go here I have just had this vision.  A vision of my perfect world. Here is how it unfolds…. each morning my doorbell rings.  I open the door and I find a box of fresh Laduree macarons. Delivered. JUST FOR ME!!!  Aaahhh …

side effects of the drug lasix  If only!

see The moment I walked into the Laduree shop on Madison Ave in New York, I knew I had stepped into heaven.  Everything looked good enough to eat.  The gorgeous colors of the macarons and their flavors descriptions made it really hard for me to make up my mind on which to try.  I somehow managed to pick eight flavors out a choice of about sixteen.  There was a line at the store – but thankfully it moved really fast.

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enter I got my box of macarons and debated how best to savor them. It was messy and slushy outside.  And there was no place inside to sit and savor my goodies.  So I opted to patiently drive back home.  Sit myself on the couch and open my first ever Laduree macaron box.  All good things come to those who wait…. albeit impatiently.  😉

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico a Torino The french are known for their pastries and desserts.  Macarons are no exception.  They are one of the most difficult treats to get right.  It takes years of practice to perfect this cookie.  If it gets too hard, its a failure.  If it gets too soft, it wont hold its elegant shape.  Trust me, I have tried making these at home many times, and am always amazed at how the tiniest bit of discrepancy in oven temperature, room temperature, quantity and incorrect fluffiness of egg whites etc can just ruin this confection in seconds.

prezzo vardenafil originale The Laduree macarons were perfection.  Such a light and airy cookie, it just melted in my mouth as I bit into it ever so gently.  To my amazement, the exterior had the slightest and the most delicate bit of crunch. How did they do that?!!!  Just that textural contrast between the inside and outside of this cookie is enough to understand the genius of Laduree! laduree macaron new york

hunger on 10mg of prednisone You will be interested to know that Laduree flies in their macarons straight from their bakery in Paris each week. I loved that the fillings were not too sweet or overpowering.  It was like all the textures and flavors were playing a sexy dance to slow romantic music.  And I was in love!

I have tried eight flavors so far and I have to say that Citron takes the second place while Rose flavor is on my pedestal. I can’t describe the sensations running through me as I tasted the rose flavor macaron.  Surprise, followed by pure pleasure.  If desserts can have Umami, then this is it for me.  All I know now, is that no matter what other flavors I may try, rose will always be part of my order at Laduree.

Laduree has recently opened a Tea Room in SOHO where they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.   I, for one, can’t wait to get there!

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3 thoughts on “Macaron Mania!”

  1. If you look hard enough, you can find fabulous macarons right here in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and for a fraction of what you’ll pay at Lauduree. Yes, they (Lauduree) have set the standard, and the whole concept from packaging to decor is amazing. I have not visited the NY stores, but have been to Paris and tasted their products. It has taken me a year+ to perfect, and have learned to make my own non-professionally. I’ve been told they rival the best macaron shops in NY. All I can say is ‘texture’ is the first and most important characteristic to a successful macaron, then the flavor. They should be neither too soft (mushy) or too crispy (shatter-shell), making a perfect marriage of shell and filling. I, for one, would challenge anyone to a ‘macaron’ crawl, preferably somewhere in Fairfield County.

  2. JC…I haven’t tasted them all, yet, that’s why I suggested a crawl. But I’ve tasted ‘authentic’ macarons (one “o”, not two. Not to be confused with their American cousin), from SoNo Bakery (South Norwalk), Chocopologie (South Norwalk) and Isabelle et Vincent (Fairfield). I know they sell French macarons at The Pantry in Fairfield, but I unfortunately haven’t tried them yet (on my to-do list). There is another place in Norwalk claiming to make French macarons. All I can say is that they were horrible. Way too sweet, very little flavor and the shell shattered like glass in my hand. NOT authentic at all. Worst $2+ I ever spent.

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