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May All Your Sweet Cravings Be Fulfilled!

go Who doesn’t love desserts?! 

http://docudharma.com/?search=next-day-delivery-canadian-cialis Me? I am one of those people who would rather start a multi-course meal with the dessert course first.  That way I won’t have any regrets when I look at a tempting sweet treat in front of me, with an overstuffed belly.   And yes, I would travel miles and miles… or even cross continents for a must-try sweet treat!

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follow site Recently I learned about a very special bakery… one that a dear foodie pal of mine (Liz of Twilight At Morningside) couldn’t stop raving about. After seeing her many Instagram posts about the desserts she was enjoying, I just HAD to drop everything I was doing and head on over to Hen & Heifer in Guilford.  Lemme tell ya…. this place is totally worth the drive. … even through the horrid I-95 traffic!  So, I went. I stuffed my face with many sweet bites.  I smiled ear to ear.  And I returned home. 

see url But that one visit was not enough.  There were many many more things in their display cases that intrigued me, but my poor little, stuffed-up belly could not take in any more.  It was clear to me. I had to go back there again.  This time, I asked Liz to guide me through her tried and tested favorites. 

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source Before I even begin to tell you more about this lovely gem of Guilford, I wish you would take a moment to visit their website – and take in their absolutely stunning dessert pictures. 

http://cmcpediatrics.com/?search=accutane-injury-lawyer-columbus Done? Good! Because now what I am going to tell you is this:  “their desserts taste every bit as delicious (if not more) as they look in these pictures.”  Very very rarely do I come across a bakery which offers one stellar confection after the other.  Most of the time, I end up returning to a bakery for the same one or two items that I liked – because the rest just didn’t measure up.  Ah! But Hen & Heifer is special.  For here, I can close my eyes, and order anything in their display cases – and its bound to be fab.

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american online drugstore discount accutane The Summer Berry Cheesecake made me do a sharp double-take.  Did they say, cheesecake? Instead of a heavy, dense cheese-cake-like consistency this was remarkably light and airy.  It tasted distinctly of light and bright summer days.  And the Lemon Olive Oil Cake (Liz’s favorite) is my new favorite.  It was packed with citrusy punch and it too had light, airy consistency.  There is something about these desserts – you can tell that the person making them is a true culinary artiste …. one who understands the delicate balance of flavors and textures to create masterpieces that excite, but don’t overwhelm the palate with too much richness or sweetness.

Oh! the Chocolate Beehive, the Caramel Instensité,  the Fig and Raspberry Tart … the list just goes on and on… Like I said, I just need to close my eyes and point.   

Hen & Heifer guilford ct

BUT DON’T YOU DARE leave without trying the most incredible savory quiches on the Hen & Heifer menu.  One bite of their quiche, had me ruined forever!  Ruined from enjoying any other quiche anywhere else.  Ever.  Sure, I will tolerate those other quiches…. but the Hen & Heifer quiches are the ones that excite!

Hen & Heifer will be closed from September 5th through 20th for their summer break.  Be sure to make the trek once they are open.  I can’t wait to see what yummy fall/holiday treats they come back with.  🙂

Hen & Heifer guilford ct

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