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Nom-eez: You Put Me At Ease!

go to site When Fairfield county’s superstar chef, Matt Storch, launches a new project – trust me, you NEED to be there.   You are bound to be delighted and amazed.  And eventually, addicted to his latest creations.  Such is the case, with me, yet again, in Matt’s latest project Nom-eez.

go Nom-eez is delicious homage to Asian street food…. with a strong focus on Vietnamese cuisine …. after all, the very busy and super adorable Vietnamese lady in the open kitchen is Matt’s darling mother-in-law!   What that means is that food is authentic and its packed with delightful flavors.

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follow url When at Nom-eez, you gotta have Pho!  This delicately spiced, aromatic broth is to die for.  But wait, don’t stop there…..  try some Nom Nom Buns (stuffed with braised pork, sashimi or veggies).  I have tried the braised pork and sashimi buns and they are both quite yum!

prezzo viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Milano In my second visit to Nom-eez, I tried a few new things.  The Charcoal Beef was some of the most tender pieces of meat I have ever had and it was seasoned beautifully.   The steamed Fish was another great discovery on the Nom-eez menu.  It arrives wrapped in a banana leaf – just slightly opened – bound to intoxicate your senses as soon as it gets near you.  I wish I had ordered another of these – it’s that good!

get link nomeez bridgeport matt storch The soup dumplings were not quite what you would expect if you have been to Joe’s Shanghai in New York.  These dumpling were not soupy on the inside – but they were packed with superb flavor.  I am sure the amazing flavor in these dumplings has a lot to do with the bone broth that they are steamed in.  The pork filling inside is seasoned strong enough to balance the dough on the outside.  A delicate splash of vinegar on top of it all is designed to brighten the rich flavors. nomeez bridgeport matt storch

source url One thing I have always loved about Vietnamese food is the lovely flavors – and the pairing of delicate with bold. The dishes are usually topped with fresh and fragrant flavor-agents as well as texture-agents like cucumbers, onions, carrots, ginger, scallions, basil, crushed coriander seed etc.  The flavors from the cooked ingredients counter-balanced with these fresh ones (in all their glory) create a fabulous contrast.  They miraculously manage to highlight each other in a wondrous ways.  That is the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine. nomeez bridgeport matt storch

cialis without prescription Nom-eez offers a small menu – but I have yet to try everything on it.  Somehow, I always get started with Pho and steamed buns  – because I must eat them – which leaves little room to try other things.  But next time, I MUST try the Fried Lemongrass Chicken (yes!) and the Coconut Braised Pork.  They both sound so intriguing, don’t they?  Oh! and the Bahn Mi Slider is simply screaming my name… I mean with fillings like chicken liver mousse, roast pork and sriracha aioli – is it any wonder?!

Nom-eez offers a wonderful selection of beverages like Vietnamese coffee, bubble tea and more!  So, who needs Chinatown. …. we’ve got it all here baby!

nomeez bridgeport matt storch

A rather interesting fact about Nom-eez is that it also sells donuts from Donut Crazy. Can’t make it to Stratford or Shelton – no worries.  All the delicious donut flavors are for your taking at Nom-eez.

Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner – all I really need is bed to make my home at Nom-eez!   What do you say, Matt Storch?!  🙂

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