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Omakase With Less Talk More Eat

I have been DYING to tell you about a neat place in New York offering a $50, 30 minute,12 piece omakase experience that is bound to get stamped in your memory as one of the coolest dining experiences the city has to offer!

This unbelievably efficient, 30 minute sushi-dining experience is perfect for when I am exploring the treasures of New York city all on my own.  I loved everything about it!  Their motto of “less talk more eat” is a cheeky reminder that this is all about the food.  And besides, who wants to talk when there is one fabulous piece of sushi after another being placed in front of you?!

Sushi On Jones is located in a tiny, open air, food hall called Bowery Market.  This little sushi-shack is the brainchild of the acclaimed chef, David Bouhadana (formerly at Sushi Dojo).  With outdoor seating (offering only 6 seats), tucked away in a little nook amidst the always bustling New York city, and given the intimacy between the diners and sushi chefs (giving you front row seats to all the action) – I felt like I had stumbled upon the most precious secret!

Omakase, by definition, is a dining experience which is typically intimate and one where the diners allow the chef to decide what to serve.  The idea being that the chef will serve only what is the freshest and of highest quality at the market that day.  Sushi on Jones is most definitely high quality.  Most pieces of fish had melt-in-your-mouth texture.  The $50 price includes generous portions of uni as well as wagyu beef.  With everything getting prepared just seconds before you put the bite in your mouth, you really do get your money’s worth.

There were a few additional things that I noted and really appreciated.  First, rice was noticeably warm (not just room temperature).  It created a luxurious mouthfeel along with the incredibly tender pieces of fish.  Second, the sushi chefs were brushing soy sauce on each piece before putting it in front of me.  It allowed for the perfect amount of seasoning as deemed by the chef.  I liked that I did not have to deal with messy dabbing into the soy sauce bowl.  The ginger and wasabi were for me to enjoy as needed.  Third, I loved how they had blankets on each chair – in case you feel a bit chilly.  For the brutal winter days, you can benefit from their takeout option.

The chefs and the host were very friendly and they made it a point to chat with me from time to time.  At the end of the meal I was asked if I would like some extra sushi prepared for me.  So, if the 12 pieces don’t fill your belly, feel free to re-order your favorite bites at an additional cost. 

My tip for you: be sure to visit during off-peak hours (to avoid long lines).  And be sure to pick a nice sunny day to visit- the whole outdoor experience will be that much more enjoyable.  Alternately, to save yourself time waiting in lines, you can text (not calls) Sushi On Jones for reservations.  The number is on their website

Sushi On Jones | 348 Bowery @ the Northwest Corner of Bowery & Great Jones

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