Summer’s Last Hoorah!

go Summer is coming to a close and my family wanted to take in one last weekend of scenic water views and yummy seafood.  Being a foodie and hearing all the news about lobsters being offered at record low prices, it was a no-brainer. So we decided to drive up the coast of Connecticut and sample some seafood.  As I planned this trip, it amazed me to realize how close everything is to Fairfield County and yet how rarely we think of it. Using a Connecticut guide book, I charted out some key spots to hit.  We decided to start the drive on I-95 all the way up to Noank.  I made some notes of towns to see and places to eat.

accutane online canadian pharmacy class action This guidebook raves about Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale restaurant in Westbrook.  They have the largest fried clams.  Largest, you say?!!!  Gotta try ‘em.  The restaurant was easy to find and it was hopping with activity.  Tons of people were eating-in and many choosing take-out.  We were seated immediately, and we asked for the fried clams straight away – with a side of fried zucchini (also a must try).   The guide book was not kidding!  These clams were HUGE!  We commented about it in front of our server and she told us that the clams were actually medium-size that day!  Seriously?!!!! Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale Restaurant in Westbrook, CTThe light and fresh batter was perfect for these clams.  Lightly seasoned with a gentle crunch, it managed to accentuate the juicy goodness of clams rather than overpowering them.  Fish Tale restaurant takes pride in their batter – for a good reason. Another thing they take pride in is their low prices….and we agree. Our next stop was Old Saybrook.  What a picturesque town brimming with water views, sandy beaches, and seafood restaurants.  Walking around this town really makes you feel like you have been transported back in time.  James Gallery & Soda Fountain is renowned for its ice cream.  So that was our next stop.  Quaint old historic building houses this ice cream shop as well as a Mediterranean deli/restaurant.  James Gallery & Soda Fountain in Old Saybrook, CT After walking and exploring the town, we headed to our final destination – Noank.  Abbotts Lobster in the Rough is famous for its lobsters as well as its coveted waterfront setting.  You get to order your food, sit out at these picnic tables and soak in some sun and breathtaking vistas of the Sound and all marina activity.  We ordered steamed clams and mussels first.  They came with butter and clam juice.  This is the epitome of fresh seafood!   Lobsters HAD to be our final course.  We ordered 2.5lb lobster.  It was cooked to perfection and absolutely delicious.  They broke the lobster in such a thoughtful way that picking at the meat from all the shell’s nooks and crannies was a breeze. Abbott's Lobster in The Rough, Noank CT

india generic accutane airborne We were so full by now so I guess the other foodie spots will have to wait till the next time.

see url Lobster Hotdogs at Jack’s Harbor and Lobster Rissotto at The Back Porch in Old Saybrook are supposed to be divine.  Have you been?

Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale Restaurant | | 860.669.0767

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James gallery & Soda Fountain | | 860-395-1781

Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough | |  860-536-7719

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