Bill Taibe 's Jesup Hall westport

The Perfect Recipe!

Are you ready for this?  OK!  Here goes…. 

-1 part tavern (as in ambiance and menu portions)
-1 part new-American menu which practically sings an ode to seasonal and local produce
-1 part familiar, warm and friendly faces that are always eager to greet you and pamper you
-1 part chef Bill Taibe’s personal twist on the dishes served

Voila!  What you have, ladies and gentlemen, is Jesup Hall!   The latest hotspot of Westport, Connecticut!  Yet another feather in chef Bill Taibe’s spiffy cap!  One of the most anticipated new restaurant openings this year and the still one of the hardest tables to get in town. 

How does he do it?  How does he create each restaurant with such unique concepts and succeed so effortlessly?  Well!  I think Bill Taibe clearly has his fingers on the pulse of Fairfield county CT.  He knows what people want… or shall I say, he knows what people want without them even realizing that they want it…. and he knows how to deliver!  And because of that special talent, he has developed a cult-like following around these parts.  I mean, did you hear about the long lines of eager diners waiting to get into Jesup Hall when it first opened?  I bet, this place, like Bill’s other two restaurants in town, The Whelk and Kawa Ni is sure to be the pride of Westport for a long time to come!

Chef Dan Sabia (formerly at Bedford Post Inn) is in the kitchen with chef Taibe.  The one and only Craig Ventrice is tending to the bar as the Beverage Manager, making sure every beverage coming your way is perfection!  The menu is driven by what’s in season and what can be sourced from local purveyors.  Bill and his team are fiercely loyal to the local farmers and food purveyors. That loyalty is visible every Thursday when you run into them at the Westport Farmers’ Market or attend the many fabulous dining events they participate in all over Connecticut.

There are a lot of fun and intriguing dishes on the Jesup Hall menu no matter when you go.  There are many dishes that will make you sit up and take notice!  You WILL feel compelled to ask your server more information about it … and then chances are you WILL be so intrigued that you WILL end up ordering it.   Like the Dry Aged Beef Flank Crudo, the Whiskey Soaked Dry Aged Beef Rib Eye or the 20 Day Dry Aged Foie Gras Torchon … three dishes that I spotted on the menu during my last visit to Jesup Hall.  Ever seen Prime Beef Tartine on a menu?  You can, at Jesup Hall.  The Popovers and the Monkey Bread are some of the most popular starters. Many dishes are designed to extract optimal flavor and textures out of an ingredient.  While others are meant to be enjoyed while closest to their original form.  Salads and vegetables section on the menu is a great place to choose samples of the latter.  But no matter what you do, you MUST try the Diva Burger with the bone marrow beef jus for dipping! ‘Nuff said!

PS: The restaurant offers reservations about two months in advance and thankfully also has some communal dining tables offered on first-come-first-served basis!  So, what are you waiting for? Go Get!

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