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2016. That’s a Wrap!

TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN. What a year!  Amazing meals shared with friends & family, acquiring hard to get dinner reservations, tasting menus, food-crawls, food-festivals, food trucks, and food-centric travels…

To wrap up this flavor-packed year, I thought I’d share some of my top choices.  These lists include places that may not be new in the culinary scene.  They just happen to be places I love to frequent … and my love for them may never fade.  The lists are based on places and bites that stirred something deep inside my foodie-soul…. got me all excited (with their food/their ambiance/their people)….  and they make me yearn for more.

Note: Eateries are not listed in any specific order

My 5 Favorite Eateries in 2016 (Connecticut):

These places made my list because they are serving incredibly delicious food…. AND they are family-owned and family-run businesses.  I LOVE that about a restaurant.  I LOVE that the chef/owner/&family is always present at their restaurant – deeply involved with the front as well as the back of the house.  And I ALWAYS get to interact with them.  To me, that is a HUGE part of a satisfying dining experience.

  1. Olea, New Haven
  2. Hen & Heifer, Guilford CT
  3. Ada’s Kitchen+Coffee, Greenwich CT
  4. Royal Guard Fish & Chips, Norwalk
  5. Teff, Stamford

My 5 Favorite Eateries in 2016 (beyond Connecticut):

These restaurants just blew me away!  They are on my list mostly for their food.  I feel they are great benchmarks for what good food should taste like.  In these 5 eateries, I did not even have a single “meh!” bite.

  1. Manresa, Los Gatos CA
  2. Indian Accent, New York NY
  3. Blanca, Brooklyn, NY
  4. Duck Duck Goat, Chicago IL
  5. Myers+Chang, Boston MA

My 10 Favorite Bites in 2016

Here are my favorite bites of 2016… bites that I am still talking about and craving!

  1. Luigi Bianco pizza at Fortina CT/NY
  2. Quiches at Hen & Heifer, Guilford CT
  3. Dorho Wat and Katenga at Teff, Stamford CT
  4. Mapo Doufu at Duck Duck Goat, Chicago IL
  5. Nasi Goreng at Myres+Chang, Boston MA
  6. Steamed Fish at Nom-eez, Bridgeport CT
  7. Makhan Malai at Indian Accent, New York
  8. Zuccini Bread & Goat’s Milk Butter at The Cottage, Westport CT
  9. Okinomiyaki at Xiao Bao Biscuit, Charleston SC
  10. Hamachi/Smoked Bone marrow at Kawa Ni, Westport CT

My 3 Wishes For 2017

  1. Indian chefs and Indian cuisine finally getting respect in the fine dining scene
  2. Kimchi showing up in more fusion dishes- because I think it adds delightful layers of flavor. What can I say!  I am LOVING Kimchi right now!  On the same note, I look forward to all the upcoming innovations with the concept of fermentation.
  3. More female chefs taking center-stage and getting recognition they deserve, worldwide

I'd love to know what you think....