Halal Guys Come To Connecticut!

No!  It’s not a dream.  If anything, it’s a dream come true.  The Halal Guys team is expanding worldwide, and may be coming to a location near you.  As for me, I am simply ecstatic that they have opened up for business in New Haven, … Continue Reading ››

Blanca : Stylish. Sexy. Superb!

Blanca, according to the Urban Dictionary: is “usually a stylish sexy girl who always knows how to have fun”.

After spending 2.5 hours at the highly coveted, secretly tucked away, Blanca restaurant in Brooklyn, I couldn’t agree more!  With 20-some courses of utterly sensuous and sexy food … Continue Reading ››

May All Your Sweet Cravings Be Fulfilled!

Who doesn’t love desserts?! 

Me? I am one of those people who would rather start a multi-course meal with the dessert course first.  That way I won’t have any regrets when I look at a tempting sweet treat in front of me, with an overstuffed belly.   And … Continue Reading ››

Treasures Of Downtown New York

Last weekend I got to spend a day visiting dear friends who live in Battery Park area in downtown New York.  I am absolutely amazed at how many new and fabulous changes have occurred in this southern most section of Manhattan recently.  The tiny area from Battery Park on … Continue Reading ››

Great BBQ Practically Next Door!

For a foodie like myself, it is practically shameful that it took me all this time to tell you about a very special place right by my house…..  a precious little (actually, not so little) BBQ restaurant. 

Wire Mill BBQ, offering dine-in and take-out options, is situated … Continue Reading ››

Chicago, I Think I’m In Love!

Chicago. What a fun city! Full of beautiful waterfront parks and walking paths, pristine landscaping, beautiful architecture, friendly people and freakin’ delicious food.   A recent 3-day trip to Chicago had me planning months in advance.  And of course, it was all about … you guessed it …. food!!!

Continue Reading ››

Greenwich WINE+FOOD Festival 2016

Listen up people, or else you may say later that I didn’t warn you!   

The ultra-fabulous and ultra-fun, annual Greenwich Wine+Food Festival (hosted by Serendipity magazine) is returning to Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich on Friday September 23 - Saturday September 24 … Continue Reading ››

Boston: Mini-Getaway!

My honey’s birthday fell on a weekend this time.  A weekend - we had kept totally open and free, just in case.  As the birthday approached, we considered a mini getaway.  Both of us have been traveling a lot lately and our jobs are keeping us crazy-busy.  It had to be some place … Continue Reading ››

My Cup of Tea!

I love the ritual of British-style afternoon tea.  It is practically a whole meal in itself with savory and sweet bites - served daintily and yet with such flair.  It is so much fun to be pampered at an afternoon tea service.  So every time I visit the UK, I make sure I … Continue Reading ››

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