Fukusanity and…. NishiMania?

Like most foodies, my eyes are always locked on what David Chang (king of the Momofuku empire) is going to do next.  A few months back he started a new phenomenon we now know as Fukusanity - when he brought us the fried chicken sandwich at Fuku downtown and Fuku+ in … Continue Reading ››

Positano: Deeply Ingrained in Tradition

Established in 1999 by Giuseppe Scarpati, who took on the task of carrying forth the deep-rooted cooking sensibilities from his home town of Ponza Italy, Positanos is one of those places in the ever-changing landscape of Westport CT that one feels compelled to hold on to.

positano … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Brunch At The Butcher Shop!

I just love the vibe of this neighborhood butcher shop where you are bound to see tons of familiar faces on both sides of the counters. The quality of meats here is always top notch!  The staff is always friendly and extremely knowledgeable- ready to share great tips on how to prep and … Continue Reading ››

Unexpected Culinary Adventure, Down Under

December 2015 brought some exciting adventures for me in a land far far away!  Sydney Australia was calling my name and I could not resist.  The two-week trip with my family was spectacular and thrilling with unexpected surprises.  Perfect summer weather set the stage for some incredible hikes and memorable vistas.  Beautiful waterfront … Continue Reading ››

Unlimited Possibilities by Dominique Ansel

If Dominique Ansel, creator of the one and only Cronut starts a new venture- you bet I am intrigued …. nay obsessed to give it a try.  Indeed I was totally obsessed with the Cronut a year and half ago - constantly scheming for a way to try this highly elusive treat.  Getting … Continue Reading ››

Delicious 2015!

Oh, what a year!  Packed with tons of fabulous food, food festivals and foodie-centric travels! As I look back to the year past some memorable experiences and noteworthy highlights come to mind which I’d love to share with you - should you have opportunities to have these experiences.


Continue Reading ››

Let’s Slurp Ramen Every Sunday!

Well, why not? Specially if that ramen is damn-good?  Packed with flavor and tasting of love and passion in every slurp.  Yeah, I am down for that!

Born in Malaysia, trained in Singapore, boasting work experience with names like chef Nobu and chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten… and now running successful kitchens at Locali … Continue Reading ››

MU Ramen – Best Ramen In New York

Many a list have named one place for the best ramen in all of New York.  New York Times, Time Out New York, Eater… you name it!!!  And frankly, I would have gone there much sooner - had it not been for the fact that this ramen join is situated in Long Island … Continue Reading ››

Cask Republic: Creatively Interpreted Comfort Food

Cask Republic restaurants by Skal Restaurant Group have been around for a while in Stamford and New Haven.  I knew of them.  I knew people who loved  them.  In fact I have walked by the Stamford location many times….. Yet - I never walked in.

Perhaps its because my perception … Continue Reading ››

A Day To Myself!

I love days when I am off from work and I have no commitments or appointments.  Those are the days when I feel total freedom to do WHATEVER I want!  It’s pure bliss.

My honey was out of town last weekend and I found myself with one such day.   Aaaah!  What … Continue Reading ››

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