Great BBQ Practically Next Door!

For a foodie like myself, it is practically shameful that it took me all this time to tell you about a very special place right by my house…..  a precious little (actually, not so little) BBQ restaurant. 

Wire Mill BBQ, offering dine-in and take-out options, is situated … Continue Reading ››

Chicago, I Think I’m In Love!

Chicago. What a fun city! Full of beautiful waterfront parks and walking paths, pristine landscaping, beautiful architecture, friendly people and freakin’ delicious food.   A recent 3-day trip to Chicago had me planning months in advance.  And of course, it was all about … you guessed it …. food!!!

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Greenwich WINE+FOOD Festival 2016

Listen up people, or else you may say later that I didn’t warn you!   

The ultra-fabulous and ultra-fun, annual Greenwich Wine+Food Festival (hosted by Serendipity magazine) is returning to Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich on Friday September 23 - Saturday September 24 … Continue Reading ››

Boston: Mini-Getaway!

My honey’s birthday fell on a weekend this time.  A weekend - we had kept totally open and free, just in case.  As the birthday approached, we considered a mini getaway.  Both of us have been traveling a lot lately and our jobs are keeping us crazy-busy.  It had to be some place … Continue Reading ››

My Cup of Tea!

I love the ritual of British-style afternoon tea.  It is practically a whole meal in itself with savory and sweet bites - served daintily and yet with such flair.  It is so much fun to be pampered at an afternoon tea service.  So every time I visit the UK, I make sure I … Continue Reading ››

An Utterly Exciting Experience!

This time, for a change, I am not going to talk about some fabulous meal I had.  Or a foodie event I attended.  Or my latest travel stories about food.  Nah! I am going to talk about…  ME!

A very talented and perceptive writer wrote an insightful article about the voice and … Continue Reading ››

Healthy Can Be Surprisingly Tasty!

Who knew!

I have to admit, I generally steer clear of healthy eats because more often than not, they tend to be bland and boring.  After all, a juicy burger or a yummy steak layered with fat are deliciously irresistible.  And I can’t even imagine eating a baked donut instead of it being fried … Continue Reading ››

Pho Takeover on Main Street

One of my favorite world cuisines is Vietnamese.  I have been enjoying it with my honey for over 25 years!  Back when our obsession first began, we used to live in northern New Jersey and would drive an hour and half to Plainfield New Jersey- just to get our … Continue Reading ››

Another Season. Another Reason to Celebrate!

I love Love LOVE farmers’ markets.  And one in particular holds a very special place in my heart.  The Westport Farmers’ Market, a brainchild of Paul Newman and chef Michel Nischan, has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2006.  It is a meeting ground for up to 45 incredible … Continue Reading ››

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