Future Chefs by Ramin Ganeshram

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source url When it comes to food, we are are living in the most exciting times ever!  We find ourselves in a new culinary landscape that pulls from old traditions and adds a generous dose of modern and contemporary.  Rare ingredients are becoming mainstream. New cooking techniques being implemented by professional and home cooks alike. New kitchen gadgets being innovated practically every day. We are constantly looking to discover the next innovative idea- experimenting with fusion of flavors and world cuisines.

accutane dr duke elgin Chefs and farmers and butchers and fish purveyors and diners are all in closer communication than ever before.  This collaboration is resulting in the growing popularity of local farmers’ markets, an increased awareness of the terroir, a heightened sensibility of where our food is sourced from and more importantly what’s been added to make it appeal to the masses.  We are finally raising our voice against practices that hurt the very planet that sustains us and effect our health and that of our children.  Don’t you just love it?!!!

click here Well, I do!  And I sincerely hope that we stay on this path… and make it a better one for our future generations to follow.  After all, that IS what it’s all about.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-25-mg-online-generico-a-Parma But, do you ever wonder if we are poised to continue on this path? Or is it just a fad? Do you fear whether our future generation has the time or the inclination to take their eyes and ears off of their mobile devices and pay heed to what is going on around them?  I have to be honest and say that I often worry.

canadian pharmacy cialis soft Until one book changed my point of view for good.  It is uplifting and inspiring.  It made me realize that our future is actually in better and more responsible hands than we could have imagined.

see Written and compiled by Ramin Ganeshram, a food journalist and a Fairfield county resident, this book is a great collection of stories of our “Future Chefs” – young kids, and young adults aspiring to revive their generation’s interest and awareness of food.  These young people are food bloggers, they are chefs and they are food-centered micro-activists.  Some are interested in keeping their family traditions of food alive while some are adapting to the changing times and creating new traditions for their families.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=5-mg-prednisone These young chefs come from all walks of life – some from affluent homes where they are getting the support of their family to pursue their passions. Some are doing it out of necessity because of diet restrictions and health issues.  And some are using it as an outlet from the unfair hand they have been dealt in life.  Cooking as an escape from and a solution for socio-economic issues?  Brilliant!

a href purchase accutane Future Chefs by Ramin Ganeshram

source site I was thrilled to read that some of these youngsters are tending to their own vegetable gardens while others are mindful about buying only farm fresh and organic foods.  It was interesting to see the contrast amongst these young chefs- some of whom are implementing really complex recipes complete with molecular gastronomy techniques while others believe in keeping things simple yet delicious.

Whatever their story, each one made me smile….  I felt compelled to share these stories with all the young adults in my circle of friends and family.  It’s a great book to inspire a child to choose this exciting journey for herself.  It’s a great book to give a child who already knows the path they would like to pursue but need that extra nudge to just “go for it”.  It’s a great book for grown ups to read with their kids or to try out the recipes in this book with their kids in the kitchen.

Inspire and be inspired by this very special book: “ buy propecia online Future Chefs- Recipes By Tomorrow’s Cooks Across the Nation and The World”.  Available on Amazon.com and priced just under $25, this a great holiday gift idea!

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