Flour Water Salt Bread Georgetown ct

Perfect Saturday Morning

It was a beautiful spring morning.  I was dressed and out of the house by 9:15 am.  Time was of the essence.  So, I took the short and scenic drive to my destination.  Opened the door and walked in to analyze the situation. 

Silence (like something of grave importance was about to go down)!   Three people ahead of me in the queue.  One gentleman totally focused on his task by the wood burning, brick oven.  And the irresistible smell of freshly baked bread. 

This is going to be great Saturday!

Flour Water Salt Bread Georgetown ct

The Bread Man, as they call him, is legendary around these parts of Fairfield county CT.   Legendary, in a secret society kind of a way.  Not many people have heard of him… and those who have, are probably trying to keep this secret a secret for as long as they can (for good reason, because his stuff runs out within an hour).  Now that I am in the know (thanks to a dear foodie-friend, Ali) I could have chosen to be the newest member of “The Bread Man, Secret Society”.  Instead, I decided to tell you about it.  Yes, you can thank me now!  😉

Rob VanKeuren bakes artisanal bread (made to order) on Friday and Saturday mornings in the brick oven at Lombardi’s Trattoria, Georgetown CT.  His business is called Flour Water Salt Bread and you can place your orders by first liking his facebook page and then following his posts to see what seasonal goodies he is planning to bake next so you can place your orders for pickup.  This is a cash-only business, so be prepared. The loaves of bread are $10 a piece.

Flour Water Salt Bread Georgetown ct

Ali warned me that it is a LOT of bread.  I wasn’t sure what she is talking about until Rob handed me a loaf of his signature sourdough bread.  WOW!  This thing is huge!  While that giant loaf of bread would have kept any bread lover content for days to come, this little foodie had also pre-ordered the other special of the day: Cinnamon Swirl… another ginormous, but super yummy loaf!  It had a brioche-like texture and tasted really good when lightly toasted with a gentle coating of butter.

There is something very special about this small batch bread made with just a few simple ingredients and a whole lot of passion.  Flour Water Salt Bread – the name says it all, right?  Plus, instead of yeast, I learned that Rob uses a special sourdough culture he brought back from a pizzeria in Naples, Italy!  How cool is that?! 

Flour Water Salt Bread Georgetown ct

When you pick up your order between 10 – 11 am, you will notice that it is still warm.  Such fresh-baked-goodness!  This is pure heaven! 

Rob usually has some other assorted pastries and croissants to be purchased on a first come first serve basis.  The pastries are a cross between croissant and danish!   I LOVED the freshly baked, ooey-gooey chocolate croissant.  It is exceptionally flaky and luxurious in texture and the dark chocolate creates the perfect flavor balance.  Then, all I really needed was a nice cup of hot coffee, as I welcomed the weekend with open arms.

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