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Balaboosta: Mediterranean Meets Middle East

Chef Einat Admony has been causing quite a stir in the New York city dining scene.  I have seen her name pop up in many magazine articles lately. Offering delicious cuisine of Israel (her origin) with a dash of mediterranean- Balaboosta (her charming restaurant on Mulberry Street in NYC) has been on my … Continue Reading ››

Unusual NYC Foodie Finds!

In my last few trips to New York City, I have discovered some really cool and unusual foodie destinations - places that were never on my radar.  And by "unusual", I mean places that I don't usually gravitate to.  No one in my circle was talking about them... absolutely no one!  Usually when that … Continue Reading ››

Front Row Seat In Iron Chef Marc Forgione’s Class

Do you like attending cooking classes?  What’s the part that you like the most?  The eating?  The opportunity to tap into a chef’s trade secrets? Or the chance to get to know a chef and his/her style of cooking?

I recently took an excellent cooking class at De Gustibus Cooking School in … Continue Reading ››

I’ve Got Koreatown On My Mind

For months, yes months.... I have been chatting up friends and family, trying to sway all - someone - anyone, to explore Koreatown NYC with me.  All my attempts failed and then failed again. How frustrating!  I mean, all I am offering is a unique dining experience  - in MY scintillating company!  Seriously, … Continue Reading ››

A Gem Of New York – The Spotted Pig

April Bloomfield and The Spotted Pig have been names that keep popping up in conversations as well as food articles in print and online - all the time. They are synonymous with culinary greatness and innovation.  All foodies on a perpetual quest for amazing food MUST savor the taste of chef Bloomfield’s talent … Continue Reading ››

Rendered Speechless by Blue Hill at Stone Barns

It has been well over a week since [Tweet "I finally dined at the one and only, Blue Hill at Stone Barns"] - and I just couldn’t get myself to write about it. How do you write about the perfect experience? Are there words that will do it justice? Will … Continue Reading ››

Food As Art

Street food?  Rustic homestyle food?  Fancy food?  Ethnic food?

When you get hungry while visiting the Museum of Modern Art in the heart of New York city,  what kind of food will you crave?   Me?  What can I say?  Being surrounded by gorgeous, jaw-dropping works of modern art,  I was in a … Continue Reading ››

Kajitsu – When You Feel Like Something Unusual

Feeling hungry?  Don’t feel like cooking at home? Feel like going out to eat? Sure!  Well! What do you feel like eating? Chinese? Sushi? Indian? Mexican? Italian? Spanish? Burgers? BBQ? Korean? Just a Salad? Hmmm....  how about Buddhist vegan cuisine? Say what?!!! Click here to read about this unusual spot- Kajitsu: a must-visit foodie destination in New York … Continue Reading ››

Macaron Mania!

I have just had this vision.  A vision of my perfect world. Here is how it unfolds.... each morning my doorbell rings.  I open the door and I find a box of fresh Laduree macarons. Delivered. JUST FOR ME!!!  Aaahhh ...

 If only!

The moment I walked into the Laduree shop … Continue Reading ››