best restaurants beyond Fairfield County

2014: A Year In Review – Part 2

source link It’s a fact:  I am a foodie who keeps her word. Last week I promised a sequel to my “Top 10 bites source link could propecia cause hair loss in Fairfield county”.  And so here we are with “My Top 10 bites see url viagra generico 50 mg spedizione veloce a Genova beyond Fairfield county”. A list compiled from my travels near an far.  From New York city to Urbana-Illinois to Paris to London!  Phew!!!  It was a tough job – but oh, so flavorful!

enter So brace yourselves peeps…. here we go!

source viagra generico spedizione veloce a Milano MY TOP 10 BITES OF 2014 BEYOND  FAIRFIELD COUNTY

1. Bowl of Ramen at Ippudo, NYC. This has to be my favorite Ramen place thus far!  Their broth is phenomenal and deeply rich in a multitude of flavors – clearly simmered for hours upon hours!  With two convenient locations in NYC, this place is a must-try!

2. Pizza at Marta, NYC.  After hearing tons of buzz about this place – I finally made it.  This gem may have ruined me for pizza anywhere else.  I loved the pie crust – so thin and crisp- a perfect balance to its toppings.  With a hip and trendy vibe and priceless bar-style seating (available for walk-ins) looking into  the kitchen – why would I eat pizza anywhere else in NYC?

3. Kimchi Fried Rice at Hanjan, NYC – Authentic Korean flavors with a passionate contemporary twist. Yup! that about sums up what Hanjan has to offer.  Chef/owner Hooni Kim is destined for culinary stardom. His take on Korean cuisine is genius with universal appeal!

4. Cardamom roll at Fika – This is somewhat unusual bite of sweet treat that brings back lovely memories of my childhood and my birthplace.  Delicately flavored with sweet pearl sugar and cardamom, this is one unique bread roll!  My Swedish friend V.F. introduced me to it, and now I find myself buying at least 6 (one to eat right away and the rest to savor over the next few days) every time I am in NYC.  Fika has many locations in New York (one right by Grand Central Terminal), but beware – this popular treat runs our fairly early in the day.

5. Soup Dumplings at Joe Shanghai. I had my first taste of this super-cool (or shall I say “super-hot”, because you are bound to burn your tongue the first time you try these) dumplings.  The entire time I ate these, I kept wondering how they could capture so much soup broth inside these dumplings without it spilling out.  Well! the way they do it (let’s just say that gelatin plays a key role) is simply genius!

best restaurants beyond Fairfield County

6.  Meat Fruit at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London. This incredible appetizer (which looked like a clementine but turned out to be something far more decadent) of chicken liver and foie gras parfait thrilled my senses and made a lasting impression on me.  In that one plate of food, I could get the entire of essence of the highly renowned and supremely created chef, Heston Blumenthal!

7. BBQ at Black Dog Smoke & Ale House in Urbana Illionois.  This is an absolutely incredible BBQ place with 8, yes 8 different homemade BBQ sauce options on the menu!  With a first come first serve system, the lines can be long here.  It is so far away from everything – yet so worth the trip.  Heck! even their corn bread is out of this world – it is a moist composition of all the flavors of leftovers from the day before.  Yum!

8. Paris Brest at La Patisserie Des Reves, Paris.  Words can’t describe the joy I felt when I walked into this gem of a place.  Every dessert is presented like it is a prized possession in a museum.  The Paris Brest stole my heart with its delicately flaky pastry shell and lightly sweetened hazelnut cream.  Mmmm…. Luckily they have a shop in London as well.  And now I am source impatiently hoping for them to open one in New York!

9. Savory Crepes at a Paris Farmers’ Market.  Picture yourself in Paris.  Picture strolling around the beautiful streets and soaking in the gorgeous atmosphere.  Then picture yourself smelling delicious aromas … just as you stumble upon a bustling farmer’s market complete with a crepe vendor who is cooking fresh crepes made to order. So fresh that he chops the onions and tomatoes as you ask for them in your personalized crepe. That bite of the food encompassed so much more than the delicious flavors in it….. it was a intensely pleasurable memory that I shall carry with me for the rest of my life.  Contentment!

10. Haleem in Southall, London.  You may think that I am obsessed with Haleem.  And you will be right.  I recently discovered this dish and can’t seem to get enough of it.  With all kinds of familiar flavors, I am seriously digging the creamy texture of this dish that is prepared with love and tradition during Ramadan.  I loved the supremely spicy version I tasted in Southall London earlier this year.

Well!  For a foodie like myself, I’d say 2014 was a fabulous year.  I hope that 2015 will excel in comparison.  So far it looks quite promising as I am already destined to try my first bite of the Dominique Ansel Cronut very very soon…. while a plan to visit a very special restaurant in Barcelona Spain is starting to brew in my head!   Mmmm…. mmmmm!  Stay tuned folks, as I continue to report on my eating adventures in the new year.

Happy Eats!

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