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source link Ramen is a serious business. For the chefs who make it, as well as for the ramen-lovers who make time in their day to stand in long lines, just to enjoy a bowlful.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-levitra-pagamento-online There is so much depth of flavor in a good bowl of ramen- a result of hours and hours of skillful simmering prep. It is truly something to be contemplated as you slurp every little rich and luxurious drop. Though isn’t it is hard to contemplate, when you are sitting in a loud and crowded restaurant surrounded by friends eager to share their life stories?

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where to buy cialis now Well! Ramen lovers: There is a new and unique way to enjoy your bowl of ramen. With the advent of ICHIRAN, you can now have it in a quiet and peaceful booth, all by yourself. This popular ramen chain has now arrived in New York (Brooklyn to be precise)… and it is designed to keep all distractions away so nothing comes between you and your special and personalized order.

here Sounds weird? Ha! Ha! Well, it’s certainly different. 🙂

enter site The way it works is that once you enter, there is a board displaying all the occupied and available booths. You are directed to take the next available one. Primarily designed to be solo experience (if you are truly into it), the staff at Ichiran will do their best to seat you with the rest of your party. The dividers between booths can be folded back to open up the space between you and your friends.

source Ichiran ramen New York

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=quanto-costa-viagra-generico-25-mg-online-a-Torino You virtually have no interaction with the servers. You are to fill out a card personalizing your order, push a button so that a window opens and a server’s hands grab your order card. The ramen is placed at your table moments later and the window is closed once again for your privacy. All the instructions and all order options are clearly displayed in the booth should you need any guidance in ordering or re-ordering.

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see url Keeping its menu simple (offering only Tonkotsu i.e. pork-based broth), so as to keep the focus on the quality and optimal flavor…. it is interesting to note that ICHIRAN is striving to give its diners the most healthful ingredients. Their noodles are fresh made. They use fresh filtered (using the same filteration level in every ICHIRAN shop) water in every step of preparations. The ramen has 0% trains fat! The broth is collagen rich and nutritionally dense. Even the sliced pork is prepared in a special way to concentrate its flavor and to create the perfect balance between the meat and broth.

Ichiran ramen New York

Have I peaked your curiosity enough to visit ICHIRAN? Go for it!!! All I can say is, if you see me there… Just don’t come between my ramen and I.


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