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A Night Full Of Oooh’s And Aaah’s!

get link Am I talking about a scene in my bedroom.  Or, perhaps I am referring the famous movie scene with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal!  Yes!  Yes!  YESSSS!!!!

does accutane cause blindness We’re on a food blog for goodness sake!  So….. let’s take our minds out of the gutter shall we?!! The “Ooh’s and Aaah’s” I speak of, could be heard all through the elaborate blogger dinner I attended last week.  We were invited to preview the season’s menu at Bailey’s Backyard in Ridgefield CT.  Have you been to Bailey’s Backyard?  If you have – you must have sampled some memorable edible creations by the very talented chef Forrest Pasternak. bailey's backyard ridgefield ct

source link Well! this dinner did not disappoint….. Chef Pasternack brilliantly showcased his enthusiasm for all the season’s bounty – sourced from local farmers and purveyors.  I love that he always manages to surprise me with unexpected flavors and textures extracted from seemingly everyday ingredients.  His art lies in knowing when an ingredient is at its prime – to be savored and consequently remembered.

purchase cialis My favorite course that night was the gorgeous cucumber and red endive salad with champagne melon dressed, an olive oil and lemon emulsion and fresh mint!   Shall I say brilliant?  I could not believe the incredible sweetness and ripeness of the melon…. and I loved that chef kept its beauty intact without muddling too many flavors into it. Have you ever had a lobster roll topped with foie gras?  Not me, not until that night.  Talk about decadence on a plate!  As if that wasn’t enough, another surprise element on this plate was the fried mayo.  You heard me!   🙂  It was such an interesting textural experience with a flavor we are so familiar with.  Pretty cool!

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source site At Bailey’s Backyard, what you are sure to get is well executed dishes.  And added to those is that delightful element of surprise at every turn!  You are not going to be bored here.  Nor will you feel a sense of same old same old.  The ingredients change with the seasons.  The whole meal was packed with unusual textures and flavors. Think orange infused olive oil.  Think  chipotle goat cheese.  Think white truffle balsamic reduction.  And while you are at it…. think fennel marmelatta!  WOWZA!!!  This chef clearly LOVES what he does.  And we love him for it.

To complete the whole experience, Bailey’s Backyard offers a great selection of wines and beer. And the hand-crafted cocktails on the menu are simply delicious and a must try!  I found them unique, bold, flavorful and fun.

bailey's backyard ridgefield ct

One dish made my gal-pal Amy cry out loud, “I just want to flip the fucking table”!  Well said Amy, well said!!!  Can you guess what she was talking about?  Well! dessert, of course.  And not just any dessert.  It was a smokey s’more in which the smokey flavor created right at our table – in front of our very eyes.  It brought back memories of all those fun nights camping by the campfire.  Needless to say it was a hit at our table. I am not going to tell you how chef Pasternack did it. You need to go to Bailey’s Backyard and ask for this dessert.  Trust me.  🙂

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