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A Quintessential Connecticut Dining Experience

watch You hear about a chef for months upon months.  And all you hear is rave reviews.  Every newspaper and magazine article you read – rates this chef at the top of their list.  He is the best of the best, they say.  Named Chef of The Year for 2014 by the CT Restaurant Association, they declare!…..  Oh! OK!  Then you start to hear that this chef is also a favorite of the James Beard Foundation!  So much so that, he has been invited not once not twice … but five times- to come and cook at the James Beard House in NYC!  Seriously!!!

comprare vardenafil originale 20 mg And then you start to wonder why the heck you haven’t picked up your you-know-what and made your way up to Simsbury, Connecticut to experience this amazing chef’s creations!!!  So, Millwright’s and Chef Tyler Anderson – here I come! Millwrights simsbury ct

enter site My budding infatuation with this chef started to bloom as my family and I drove into the town of Simsbury, CT.  After all, the location chosen by a chef to showcase his or her culinary skills, says a lot about that chef, correct?  Simsbury is a bucolic setting!  A quintessential Connecticut town… with rolling hills and beautiful, well-maintained buildings.  It became obvious that there is some rich history in this town.  I wanted to learn more.  As we drove up to Millwright’s, a restaurant housed in an old building that used to be a Mill dating back to 1960’s – all I could think of was, “Man! I want to live here … forever”.  It is being lovingly maintained with a strong sense of integrity regarding the architecture.  The gorgeous setting seemed to instantly erase all the tension I may have harbored from the work-week past.

here Millwrights simsbury ct

proscar online pharmacy ukraine Stepping inside this building, and looking at its spectacular setting you can’t help but fall in love!  Mind you, I had yet to try chef Anderson’s food.  🙂  We were there for Sunday brunch.  And the 1.5 hr drive from the heart of Fairfield county to Simsbury had us good and hungry!  So bring it on chef Anderson. Bring it on! Millwrights simsbury ct

4 mg of prednisone The brunch menu is a hearty and filling 3-course presentation.  There is plenty of fresh and homemade breads that you get to dig into as soon as you settle in.  Don’t miss the breads people…. they are simply scrumptious!  The main course comes with a generous helping of homemade sausage, bacon and potatoes- served family style.  Trust me when I say that priced at $29 per person – you will feel more than satiated.

puss under skin after accutane Rustic with finesse!  Yeah!  That’s how I would describe chef Anderson’s food. He is totally connected with his environment and its bounty.  He takes every possible step to source locally.  Then he celebrates that local bounty in dishes he serves from his kitchen.  The plates look hearty and rustic and the flavor profiles are incredibly refined.  Like the Seafood Hash I had.  Oh my gosh!   What a creation, it was!  First of all, I have to say that I have never ever heard of seafood hash before.  So I had no idea what to expect.  With an open and somewhat eager mind I waited for my main course to arrive. The wait was totally worth it. It was simply gorgeous to look at and absolutely irresistible to dig into!  I had to muster up tons of restraint to quickly take a couple of pictures before I could dig in.   Every single component on this plate was cooked to perfection-  which is no ordinary task as this plate had chunks of lobster meat, clams, potatoes and …..are you ready for this….. smoked pork belly!  All the flavors has married together beautifully.  I think I detected some white wine in there – which added a faint touch of tartness that complemented the seafood and fattiness of the pork belly expertly.  Simply WOW!!!

go Millwrights simsbury ct

I was so eager to start telling you about the Seafood Hash that I totally skipped the Smoked Salmon Rillettte I had as my starter.  I loved it’s creamy, rich texture and deep layers of flavor. The Frittata was another hit at our table.  It had fabulously light and airy texture.  Simple and beautiful.

By the time desserts arrived, we were all so full – which was such a pity because the desserts were pretty darned awesome as well.  I loved how they were perfectly sweetened.  The Brown Butter Financier was a delectable nod to the traditional while the chocolate cake with hazelnut florentine, espresso and mascarpone was downright sinful.  Mmmm…. mmmmm!

Millwrights simsbury ct

Being the final weekends of summer, the restaurant was not too crowded last Sunday.  I was glad to take that opportunity to meet chef Anderson and his Director of Operations Al Aurrichio.  Al was kind enough to treat us to a tour of the building at the end of our meal. I was amazed to see so many fun and cool spots to enjoy some delicious food and stunning views.  Aside from the restaurant at the main level, the lower level houses a tavern serving casual pub-style fare.  There is even a great party space that can house up to 50 people on the top level.

You have got to drive up to Millwright’s in Simsbury.  Perhaps on a nice ‘n sunny fall day?  Be sure to make reservations ahead of time … this experience is worth it.

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