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comprare vardenafil senza ricetta Roma Yep!  That’s right. I am writing an article about an article I read.   I came across it in the Delta Airlines SKY magazine.  Written by Andrew ZImmern, this article is titled Future (Food) Shock.  it was so captivating and eye opening, that I felt compelled to bring the magazine home with me after my flight landed. 

follow link A passionate lover of food, I am always in a mad rush to try every possible bite of food at every possible restaurant.  Aways trying to keep my finger on the pulse of the hottest trends. And while wonderful innovations are happening everyday in restaurant kitchens all over the world, this article made me realize that many phenomenal food-centric innovations are happening outside those kitchens as well.  Many of those may very well be our near and unavoidable future.  Intrigued?  Good! 

follow link While I don’t want to repeat everything that article talked about – here are some of the highlights that caught my attention.  Hopefully, you too will get intrigued enough to learn more about these companies and their products.

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best priceest levitra generic 1. This first piece did not surprise me too much because I am already seeing my circle of friends and family starting to adopt this technology.  Sous-vide cooking for the home-cooks using a small immersion circulators is becoming quite common place.  Andrew Zimmern notes one company that is making very high-end, very high-tech yet affordable devices.  Anova Culinary is making this device that can be controlled by an iPhone app which has tons of intelligence built into it regarding cooking times etc – so you can cook stress free.  Food always comes out perfectly cooked – perhaps even better than when its cooked in the conventional way.  Check it out for yourself!

comprare levitra senza ricetta Lazio 2. A new superdrink?  Yes.  One that can address 20% of your body’s nutritional needs in each serving. This product is called Soylent and it has a neutral taste profile.  The caveat is that it looks like a paint primer (yuck!).  For folks like me who spend better part of the day deciding where and what to eat next – this is perhaps the most unappealing prospect.  Or, at least I thought so.  Until I read the part about how if each person on the planet substituted one meal a day with Soylent, it would result in massive reduction in agricultural water use and greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a shelf-stable, nutrient-packed meal that could help fight world hunger and eliminate the need for more agriculture land.  Heck! Soylent has the potential to “change the world”.

vardenafil women 3. Andrew Zimmern writes about Blue Apron (a delivery service of ingredients to prepare home-cooked meals) – whose biggest (and not so appreciated) benefit is reducing food-wastage.  You get precisely the amount of food you need (to cook) delivered to your door.  With Blue Apron, you no longer need to buy a bushel of an herb when the recipe only calls for a sprinkle/garnish. Folks at Blue Apron partner with farmers to source high-quality produce and believe that sustainability and quality of ingredients are non-negotiable.  Isn’t that fabulous?

follow site 4. For those who don’t want to be bound by pre-planned meals and simply want to stock their pantries with healthy and high quality ingredients – Andrew Zimmer pointed to Thrive Market – an online grocery  service selling items at 25%-50% discount off retail prices.  Your order is shipped right to your door.  It offers affordability and accessibility and convenience.  I can’t wait to check it out for myself.

acquistare viagra generico 100 mg consegna rapida a Venezia 5. And finally – a most bizarre trend gaining momentum all over the world.  Actually, its quite a popular trend in many parts of the world which is just taking shape in the Western world.  Eating insects for dinner!  Apparently many companies in the US and Europe are creating “insect edibles”.   One such company is Proti-Farm/ Kreca in Holland.  Insects are high in protein and low in production costs – a perfect solution to growing global demand of food and for feeding the world’s hungry.  Andrew Zimmern believes that its only a matter of time before a significant portion of our food intake comes from bugs.  Think nuggets made from insects or even bug powder!

follow url On that note, I shall leave you to ponder on the future of our food.  Which trends do you find interesting?

(Please note the images are not mine.  Many phrases in the article may be straight out the article – simply because Andrew Zimmern said it best)

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