Bamba La Chamba!

Ever tried cooking in a clay pot?!!!

It’s a tradition going back to hundreds of years in many cultures in Africa, Europe and Asia. It’s a tradition that is still in practice in Columbia where it was started almost 700 years ago! 

The idea was to soak the clay pot in water for a half an hour or so before you start cooking.  Because the pot is made with clay which is porous, it absorbs the water and then releases it into your food as steam while you cook.  You can do without oil in the cooking because of all the steam.  

Quite a delicious, unique and healthy alternative, don’t you think? 

I bought one such clay pot from a website:  They sell hand-crafted clay cookware.   I received a really cool looking cookware.  Good enough to display on your shelves…but even better to cook in. 

I have to admit that I LOVE my La Chamba cooking pot!  So far I have tried chicken curry and chilli in it.  The results are fabulous.  The clay pot cooking technique adds a dimension of earthy flavor and smell to the food (true story!).  Your guests will keep guessing what that extra “oomph” in your dish is, that makes it so finger-licking good! 

Best part:  La Chamba can be used in ovens, microwaves and stove tops.  It can be hand washed with great ease.  For those pesky food remains stuck on the pot it is recommended that you soak it in water overnight before handwashing.  Dishwashing is not recommended. 

Try it and tell me what you think.  I would love to hear what types of recipes you tried in your La Chamba.

Happy experimenting!


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