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Boston: Mini-Getaway!

My honey’s birthday fell on a weekend this time.  A weekend – we had kept totally open and free, just in case.  As the birthday approached, we considered a mini getaway.  Both of us have been traveling a lot lately and our jobs are keeping us crazy-busy.  It had to be some place easily accessible ( so we wont waste the better part of our weekend on traveling back and forth).  Sit had to be some place nice (after all its his birthday!).  Some place with lots of things to do.  Some place with great food!  Duh!  BOSTON!!!

Myers+Chang boston joanne chang

I love Boston!  It is so much fun and so lively.  Despite our last minute plans, we were able to find a great hotel as well as make reservations for some amazing meals and a super funny improv show.  Oh! this is gonna be gooooood!  With our overnight bags packed, off we went.

You may know this about me already, I make lists of restaurants to hit in every major destination… just in case an opportunity arises to travel there.  So, yes.  There is a Boston list.   Right on my cell phone… easily accessible for whenever I need it.  And that meticulous list paid off,  because we had some fab eats in Boston.  🙂

First, I MUST talk about Myers+Chang.  A fantastic restaurant in South End section of Boston, showcasing a wide variety of Asian cuisine by chef/owner Joanne Chang and her executive chef Karen Akunowicz.  This meal blew me away!  Such bold flavors representing Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines.   Everything we tasted was delicious and expertly executed.  And I could totally see us ordering more.  You must try the Pork Buns, the Tea Smoked Pork Spare Ribs, the Hakka Eggplant… and oh! the Nasi Goreng.  Downright addictive!

What I also LOVED about Myers+Change was the really friendly staff.  As we entered the restaurant – every staff member that made eye contact with us- greeted us with a warm smile.  It made us feel warm and fuzzy. 🙂  And when the delicious food started to arrive – we were in pure heaven.  One thing I have to warn you about – they serve food as soon as its prepared.  While its a wonderful quality in a restaurant, we suffered from it a bit because we made the mistake of ordering all our courses at one time.  So we were unable to pace our meal because they couldn’t pace it for us.  The dishes just kept coming one after the other… and we were left wishing we had some time in between to savor the food and lingering flavors of each dish.  So my advice to you: order only the apps first.  Enjoy them and then see which direction you want to go next.

Flour bakery cafe boston

Joanne Chang is also a highly acclaimed pastry chef. She has authored three cookbooks and been featured in a multitude of cooking magazine as well as TV shows.  Her Flour Bakery+Cafe is a MUST for baked goods lover.   My food-blogger pal who is also a fabulous photographer- Liz of Twilight At Morningside told me make sure and visit.  Her specific instructions were for me to try the Breakfast Egg Sandwich. Who was I to refuse?  🙂  Flour was so worth the trip.  Not only did I devour the Breakfast Egg Sandwich,  I also ordered a box of goodies to take home.  The Sticky Buns are famous here and a total must-try— and the Banana Bread Is TDF (To Die For)!

Sportello by the very famous chef Barbara Lynch was quite close to where we were staying.  One glance from the street, looking into the restaurant, revealed the simple and elegant dining area open to the kitchen (set up for “counter-service”)…..  Oh, my! It way too tempting to resist.   Sunday lunch reservation was easy to get here.  The  home made breads and pastas are a must on this menu.  We tried the Braised Rabbit Strozzapreti and it was absolutely beautiful.  I loved the floral accent of rosemary in it.  It was very unexpected flavor and it was really quite delicious!

sportello boston barbara lynch

Neptune Oyster is a very popular eatery – famous for its seafood.  I had heard that lines can get long here, but still decide to give this a try.  We walked in to find out that minimum wait here is 2.5 hours!   No thanks!   I tried to overcome my disappointment with an attempt to convince myself that it was a tourist trap and not worth the tears.  Although, I was still craving a yummy lobster roll.  Rabia’s Seafood/ Oyster Bar, just two doors down from Neptune Oyster was open for business and had seats available.  I had no expectations from it except to address my nagging Lobster Roll craving.  Can you believe it when I tell you that, it turned out to be the best and most delicious lobster roll I have ever had!  The roll had a generous portion of perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked lobster. It did have a hefty price tag ($28) but totally worth trying. So, you’ve gotta give this a try and see if you agree with me.

Ahhh!  Two short days in Boston.  But delicious memories, that may last a lifetime!

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