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How Many Ways Shall I Enjoy My Lobstah!

I just couldn’t say “No” to a recent invitation to check out the updated menu at LobsterCraft in Darien.  I have followed captain Mike all over Fairfield county since he first started his business in a food truck.  He has since expanded with a brick and mortar location in Darien as … Continue Reading ››

2014: A Year In Review – Part 1

Well, folks!  As 2014 comes to a close, I can’t help but look back and feel a great sense of satisfaction.  I ATE A LOT this year - and I am all the happier for it.   My personal journey took me on an exploration of all things food near and far!  I … Continue Reading ››

A Master’s Classroom

Matt Storch - a master chef - a man well loved and liked by Fairfield county residents - a man I greatly admire for his effortless talent and mesmerizing panache in the kitchen!

Every time I meet and chat with Matt, I am struck by the depth of knowledge he has on … Continue Reading ››

Fin – An Oldie And A Goodie

A few years and a couple of jobs ago, a colleague of mine used to RAVE about Fin.  At that time, I did make a mental note to check it out for myself- but living near Westport area, I somehow always find myself at Matsu Sushi.  Besides, with all the new restaurants that … Continue Reading ››

Safita – Consistently Delicious

With an ever changing culinary landscape in and around Fairfield County- restaurant openings and closings, chefs migrating from one restaurant to another, menus getting revamped, hit-or-miss experiences from one night to another with staff and servers... I am always left feeling at the edge of my seat.

While it makes for a … Continue Reading ››

A Different Experience

A few weeks ago, some of you may have caught my rants and raves of 2013.  I ranted about how Fairfield County doesn’t have enough quality ethnic restaurants.  Now... just a few weeks later - I hear the buzz about a new restaurant that opened in Fairfield.  And get this .... its … Continue Reading ››

Little Goose Big Flavors

This newcomer made me do a double-take with its unusual flavor pairings and bold menu choices.  A relatively small space overflowing with charm and character, Little Goose in Fairfield is far from the dull and the ordinary.

It was good to meet up with my bestie H.A. after weeks!  We had so … Continue Reading ››

The Ramen-Pho Conundrum!!

Ramen or Pho?  Pho or Ramen? The questions kept buzzing in my head as soon as I settled down to order and eat at Mecha Noodle Bar in Fairfield.  What shall I order?  Everything looks so very tempting on this menu with plenty of versions of Pho as well as Ramen to choose … Continue Reading ››

Recap: Greenwich Wine+Food Festival 2013

Did you listen to me when I told you that, you must come?  Did you buy your tickets in time?  Did you catch the amazing 2 for price of 1 deal on Groupon? Or did you miss the golden opportunity?

Greenwich Wine+Food Festival 2013, was the BEST EVER!  It’s popularity has really … Continue Reading ››

Greenwich Food & Wine Festival 2013

If you have been living under a rock, chances are that you missed all the buzz about the third annual Greenwich Food & Wine Festival coming up this weekend.  🙂

Three years in a row, I have ecstatically watched this event get bigger and better.  Presented by Serendipity magazine, benefiting the Hole … Continue Reading ››