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Go BIG Or Go Home!

BIG flavors composed by BIG food-enthusiasts who are BIG personalities with BIG hearts and BIG ideas, which has led to BIG plans and BIG successes!

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant group, which initially started in South Norwalk and have now expanded across the country … Continue Reading ››

Let’s Go To Greenwich WINE+FOOD Festival

Aways such a blast!  I have been a HUGE fan of this outstanding culinary event.  I have been going there since they first started 5 years ago!  And over the years I have seen it grow and succeed by leaps and bounds.  It’s orchestrators, ie: the team at Serendipity magazine really know … Continue Reading ››

Real Food. Organic. Local. Seasonal.

Well! How do you like the sound of that?

No. I am not describing some utopia from our dreams.  This is a place as real as the food they are planning to serve you and me.  A lot of restaurants try to come close to this vision…. but very few succeed in realizing it … Continue Reading ››

Fjord Fish Market: Great Seafood For Lunch

Busy day at work? Feel like taking a break and going out for lunch? Need something fast?  And definitely something good?  Love seafood?  Well….. I have the perfect answer for you!

Fjord Fish Market in Cos Cob, Connecticut.

I have visited there a few times in the past couple of … Continue Reading ››

The Newcomer – Le Fat Poodle

What a breath of fresh air.  As I dined at Le Fat Poodle in Old Greenwich it occurred to me that, with the tiresome explosion of gastropubs and modern american restaurants all around us, this newcomer is a welcome change.  It made me feel like I was on a vacation.  Where, I couldn’t … Continue Reading ››

How Many Ways Shall I Enjoy My Lobstah!

I just couldn’t say “No” to a recent invitation to check out the updated menu at LobsterCraft in Darien.  I have followed captain Mike all over Fairfield county since he first started his business in a food truck.  He has since expanded with a brick and mortar location in Darien as … Continue Reading ››

While Everyone Else Is Chomping On Salads During Lunch

... I am savoring the wonderful flavors of tried, tested and true BBQ.

Come lunchtime, it’s the usual scene at my work every day.  Folks are on this diet or that plan - salads are the only thing they can eat - some are just snacking on fruits and raw vegetables all … Continue Reading ››

2014: A Year In Review – Part 1

Well, folks!  As 2014 comes to a close, I can’t help but look back and feel a great sense of satisfaction.  I ATE A LOT this year - and I am all the happier for it.   My personal journey took me on an exploration of all things food near and far!  I … Continue Reading ››

A Seat By The Window at Famous Greek Kitchen

The old world charm of authentic greek cuisine, generous portions, a family that welcomes you with open arms and a smiling elderly man who sits at his favorite window seat to wave at all the passers by.

There! Does that have your curiosity all perked up?  Think that I may be talking … Continue Reading ››

Versailles Bistro Patisserie – A Lost Gem, Rediscovered

A few Months ago, I felt absolutely devastated when I heard that Versailles Bistro & Patisserie had closed its doors after thirty successful years!   I have had angelic dreams about their pastries and croissants and woken up to find drool on my pillow, for goodness sake!!!  There was nothing more satisfying than … Continue Reading ››