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What A Blast! Charged atmosphere!  Wines galore! Delicious food!  Celebrity sightings!  Really, really, REALLY full but happy bellies!  🙂 


see url The Greenwich Food and Wine Festival last weekend was a blast!  I was there Saturday and had such a great time.   There was so much good food and wine to be had.  The area’s best of the … Continue Reading ››

When A Genius Enters His Kitchen

 …. out comes mind-boggling food! Except, this genius was so cool and calm about his exceptional dinner service, that he took every chance he got to step out of his kitchen and mingle with his diners.  How fabulously unusual and warmly refreshing!  I am now officially a fan of Chef Brian Lewis and his … Continue Reading ››

The Daily Bread

source link Step-in through the front door and get instantly transported to Europe.  Le Pain Quotidien makes me feel that way, every time I visit their New Canaan location.  It is such a delightful place, with a very friendly, buzzing vibe.  The communal tables at the heart of the restaurant make me feel like I am … Continue Reading ››

Gelato Is The Way To Go!

follow link Velvety smooth textures.  Perfect levels of sweetness.  Tons of flavors to choose from, including seasonal flavors along with the year-long favorites….I know a place that is to die for!  

viagra generico 50 mg italia pagamento online a Napoli I have to confess that I am quite picky when it comes to frozen treats.  I feel that most ice cream places tend to … Continue Reading ››