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Exploring Two Gems Of Central Europe A recent week-long vacation to two historic European cities was filled with great memories (with friends and family), loads of laughs, tons of food, gallons of beer and gorgeous views.  It was interesting to discover Prague and Vienna to be such melting pots of cultures and cuisines.  While Prague … Continue Reading ››

My World Of Flavors – As Reported by WAG Magazine! A food blogger’s job is never done!  Thanks to the ever-evolving food scene in Fairfield county CT and beyond…. there are always new places to try and write about. 

vardenafil originale 20 mg dose raccomandata People ask me all the time, “Just how many meals do you eat out in a week to … Continue Reading ››

The Perfect Recipe!

click here Are you ready for this?  OK!  Here goes…. -1 part tavern (as in ambiance and menu portions) -1 part new-American menu which practically sings an ode to seasonal and local produce -1 part familiar, warm and friendly faces that are always eager to greet you and pamper you and… -1 … Continue Reading ››

The Man With Mad EGGZ Skilz!

viagra generico 100 mg italia pagamento online a Firenze Magician Matt!  The sorcerer who, from his teeny-tiny kitchen inside a food truck, turns the everyday ordinary ingredient, named pet meds lasix 40mg egg, into many creative and finger-licking dishes. 

source site You may know Matt Stanzack from his very popular restaurant Stanziato’s in Danbury.  A couple of years ago … Continue Reading ››

Queens Night Market

follow For weeks I have been strategizing on ways to get there!  So I pitched the idea to friends and fellow-foodies.  Sadly, it didn’t seem to appeal to any of them.  One by one I heard all the reasons and excuses of why they cannot acquistare levitra online sicuro Veneto or will not join … Continue Reading ››

HOORAY For The New Season Of Westport Farmers’ Market

The date was on my calendar for weeks!  On May 18th 2017, Westport Farmers’ Market launched its new season.  And just like opening day each year, the market was packed with notable farmers, food and drink vendors, chefs, foodies, media…. and me!   🙂  I wouldn’t … Continue Reading ››

Perfect Saturday Morning

It was a beautiful spring morning.  I was dressed and out of the house by 9:15 am.  Time was of the essence.  So, I took the short and scenic drive to my destination.  Opened the door and walked in to analyze the situation. 

Silence … Continue Reading ››

Seventh Annual Greenwich Wine+Food Festival!

Well!  It’s official!  The dates for Connecticut’s most anticipated and my most favorite foodie festival have been announced!

I have watched this festival get bigger, better, classier and tastier 🙂 over the years.   And if last 6 years are anything to go by, this … Continue Reading ››

Want Some Korean Banchan?

Let’s start with, “what on earth is Banchan"?!  It is a Korean, family-style of eating where you have a bunch of small dishes (meats, fish, vegetables) centered around a bowl of cooked rice.  Kimchi, of course, is at the table to join the party….always! 

There are … Continue Reading ››

Discovering The Latest Food Trends

It is always a thrill to visit the International Restaurant & Food Service Show In New York.  In three action packed days one can get a comprehensive idea of exciting food and beverage trends about to hit the market.  Although, I have to admit that, I can only take … Continue Reading ››