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Eat Your Salmon – Thai Style!

follow site My family and I LOVE salmon!  We make it a point to have salmon at least once a week.   It has so much of its own inherent flavor that I usually just cook it very simply…with salt, pepper (BTW: I prefer crushed red pepper – try it, it comes out really great!) and … Continue Reading ››

Paella Procrastination

viagra generico online prezzo piu basso a Genova My very first Paella experience was over 20 years ago, and it was “love at first bite”.  It was my first experience with something very unique and exotic.   I instantly responded to the depth of flavors this one dish had….and I truly admired its irresistible presentation.   The Paella came to our table … Continue Reading ››

The Truffle Shuffle

watch Well!  ‘Tis the holiday season and those who know me well, know that it’s about the time I start making holiday treats for friends and family.   I did not feel like making cookies this year – so done!  And I did not feel like making my usual rum balls. Naah!  Truffles! I thought.  Let’s … Continue Reading ››

Crepes Galore!

Love Love LOVE dessert crepes!  To me the perfect dessert crepe is soft and chewy with tons of chocolate inside and out!  Earlier this year I had the pleasure of gorging at the Jean Philippe patisserie at Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.  While everything I ate there was out of this world, I have to say that their … Continue Reading ››

I Just HAD to Share This Video! Sorry fellow foodies....I know this is not the norm for my blog....but I came across a video which made me laugh while I learned a pretty cool new recipe.  I just have to share it with you all. Most of you will know Fabio from his appearance on Top Chef.   Here he … Continue Reading ››

Cooking Oils: Love ‘em or Leave ‘em? A few years ago, a lot of my family members were getting diagnosed with high-cholesterol and heart problems.  After hearing reports from the numerous doctors’ visits of my family members and listening to advice from everyone I knew, I started to believe that Olive Oil is the ONLY way to go and Extra Virgin … Continue Reading ››

Parmesan Crisps

before then buy can from i propecia tablets who Looking for a great accompaniment for your wine, or an unusual  garnish for your salads and soups?  Then look no further. 

go site I found a neat little recipe….really simple to implement with lots of flavor….Parmesan Crisps!  

acquistare levitra online generico Shred some parmesan cheese.  On a baking dish lined with parchment paper, drop mounds of parmesan … Continue Reading ››

A Surprising Summer Dessert! A few years ago I saw a Barefoot Contessa TV segment and I picked up a recipe she demonstrated.  It has stuck with me for all this time.  

As for my personal touch:  I add some Grand Mariner to turn up the volume. 

It’s a perfect summer time dessert.  And the best … Continue Reading ››