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Let’s Go To Greenwich WINE+FOOD Festival Aways such a blast!  I have been a HUGE fan of this outstanding culinary event.  I have been going there since they first started 5 years ago!  And over the years I have seen it grow and succeed by leaps and bounds.  It’s orchestrators, ie: the team at Serendipity magazine really know … Continue Reading ››

Consiglio’s – Old Fashioned Italian Dining

source url Almost seven or eight months ago, a dear cousin of ours gave us a gift card to a place called Consiglio’s in New Haven.  I had never heard of the place and so I assumed that it must not be that great.  Ha! Well!  You know what they say happens when you “assume”? … Continue Reading ››

Recap: Greenwich Wine+Food Festival 2013

Did you listen to me when I told you that, you must come?  Did you buy your tickets in time?  Did you catch the amazing 2 for price of 1 deal on Groupon? Or did you miss the golden opportunity?

Greenwich Wine+Food Festival 2013, was the BEST EVER!  It’s popularity has really … Continue Reading ››

One Man, On A Mission

prednisone and brand name go to site Server go to link : Are you ready to order?

get link Diner go : No. Not really. You see, I don’t really know much about Indian food.  I am afraid that it will be too spicy for me.  All I know is Chicken Tikka Masala and Saag Paneer.  I had those once before and I liked them.  Maybe I should play … Continue Reading ››

When I’m Shaking With Hunger

... only a perfectly juicy and superbly flavorful burger will do!

This morning I had an appointment in Orange, CT.  It was a crazy-busy morning, so I decided to skip breakfast and explore the food-scene in Orange at lunch time. I figured, the 11:30 AM appointment will run till 1-ish, and I … Continue Reading ››

Learn Indian Cooking from a Master

In recent years, Indian cuisine has become widely accepted, consistently craved yet it is still considered too-overwhelming-to-cook by most people. What is it about this food that terrifies home-cooks? I know it's the rice for some people, but now instant pot basmati rice is so easy to do that … Continue Reading ››

A Day At The Fancy Food Show

A friend of mine, L.Y.,  has passionately been talking about the Fancy Food Show in NYC.  “You will love it!”, she told me.  And that’s all the encouragement I needed to sign up for attendance at this year’s event at Jacob Javitz Center - going on now.

WOW!   Three … Continue Reading ››

The Balance Of Flavors

Good food? Great dish? What are they? Why do some restaurants and certain dishes inspire us to drive for miles and miles or stand in line for hours - just for a taste?  Are the spicy ones the best or the ones that are the sour?  Sweet or the salty?  What makes a … Continue Reading ››

Farmer. Forager. Farah.

Last week I met a very impressive young woman who is playing a key role in how we think about the food we eat.  From the moment she came from India to America for her college education, she refused to settle for the mass produced, poor quality, chemical-ridden food products that every one … Continue Reading ››

Want Your Tacos At The Bar?

Nestled in the heart of Summer Street, Stamford - next to big foodie hotspots like Barcelona, SBC and Tawa - cialis online 60mg Bartaco can certainly hold its own. Hip, energetic vibe greets you as soon as you enter through their doors.  With the restaurant centered around a huge bar as its focal point, and a … Continue Reading ››