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Fairfield County’s Rising Star

source url Folks, if you have been following me (FCFoodie_CT) on Twitter, you would know that I am absolutely amazed and completely astounded by a new show on Food Network.  The chefs on this show are cooking tough ingredients like Venison with unbelievable mastery, and preparing highly creative and imaginative dishes like crab meat stuffed … Continue Reading ››

With Good Bread I apologize for my unusual choice of eating spot in this blog post.  But I truly felt it deserves some recognition - as it managed to pleasantly surprise me.  It made me realize that, lately I have been too caught up in chasing the latest and the greatest- with not enough time to … Continue Reading ››

A Day At The Fancy Food Show

us cialis sales A friend of mine, L.Y.,  has passionately been talking about the Fancy Food Show in NYC.  “You will love it!”, she told me.  And that’s all the encouragement I needed to sign up for attendance at this year’s event at Jacob Javitz Center - going on now.

miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 50 mg spedizione veloce a Venezia WOW!   Three … Continue Reading ››

An Afternoon In Williamsburg

best buy viagra pills in us It was gorgeous spring day.  We were in the mood for exploring, and of course eating!  I am so glad my friend “Elbow” talked me into going to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  She clearly knows me well because she knew that I will fall in love with this neighborhood at first glance.  With a lively, … Continue Reading ››

Chicken And Rice

see Chicken and Rice.  If you are a foodie and live in or around New York city, chances are that the words “chicken and rice” immediately invoke an image and a taste-sensation in your brain.  

follow In the New York city street-food scene, The Halal Guys are quite the trendsetters.  Always situated at 53rd and … Continue Reading ››

Further Exploration: Necessary Recently, I wrote about my first experience at David Chang’s restaurant Ma Peche in NYC. The food was so extraordinary, that I left there feeling satiated ... yet unsatisfied. You see, I wanted more. A lot more. That food left me wanting to further explore the phenomenon that is Momofuku. So, this … Continue Reading ››