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Go BIG Or Go Home!

brand levitra 10 tabs x 20mg generic BIG flavors composed by BIG food-enthusiasts who are BIG personalities with BIG hearts and BIG ideas, which has led to BIG plans and BIG successes!

follow That pretty much sums up my thoughts on Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant group, which initially started in South Norwalk and have now expanded across the country … Continue Reading ››

Ethiopian Euphoria

source site I can’t contain my sheer excitement at the opening of a new restaurant in Stamford. It’s what I have been hoping for. It’s what I crave. It serves one of my most favorite cuisines (a cuisine for which I have traveled near and far in the tri-state area). It’s flavorful. It’s authentic. It’s … Continue Reading ››

Let’s Go To Greenwich WINE+FOOD Festival

see url Aways such a blast!  I have been a HUGE fan of this outstanding culinary event.  I have been going there since they first started 5 years ago!  And over the years I have seen it grow and succeed by leaps and bounds.  It’s orchestrators, ie: the team at Serendipity magazine really know … Continue Reading ››

Paloma Livens The Stamford’s Waterfront Dining Scene

source Paloma took on a highly coveted waterfront spot at Harbor Point in Stamford about a year ago.  With a celebrity chef name like Aaron Sanchez…. the buzz quickly spread like wildfire in and around Fairfield county.  Every foodie knows exactly who Aaron Sanchez is.   His face is all over the Food Network, … Continue Reading ››

Prepared With Love, At The Corner

enter Man, I love my boss lady!  I love her for many reasons…. she is kind, thoughtful, considerate and an adorable workaholic!  But mostly I love her because she understands my foodie obsessions…  which is what led her to introduce me to this super delicious and ultra authentic food at La Esquina Latin Grill!  … Continue Reading ››

How Many Ways Shall I Enjoy My Lobstah!

buy levitra on line I just couldn’t say “No” to a recent invitation to check out the updated menu at LobsterCraft in Darien.  I have followed captain Mike all over Fairfield county since he first started his business in a food truck.  He has since expanded with a brick and mortar location in Darien as … Continue Reading ››

2014: A Year In Review – Part 1

siti sicuri per comprare viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Bologna Well, folks!  As 2014 comes to a close, I can’t help but look back and feel a great sense of satisfaction.  I ATE A LOT this year - and I am all the happier for it.   My personal journey took me on an exploration of all things food near and far!  I … Continue Reading ››

I Feel Lucky. Oh, So Lucky!

accutane canada How many people do you know, who can honestly say that they LOVE going to work?  No many, right?  For the most part ours is a culture centered around weekends and weekend-activities.  But what if there is something that makes our otherwise grueling work-week a bit more fun? Something to look forward to?  … Continue Reading ››

Sheer Brilliance of LetsGoOrder

Too busy at work to go out and grab lunch?  Too tired in the evenings to cook?  Too caught up in that football game on TV to go grocery shopping for dinner? Or just too lazy to make an effort?!!!  Whatever excuse your mind makes, your body is going to make sure … Continue Reading ››

Just Roll With It at Kati N’ More

So excited to have accidentally stumbled across a very new and very exciting spot in Stamford.  Launching with a soft-open this week, viagra generico 100 mg prezzo piu basso a Firenze Kathi N’ More brings to Fairfield County’s culinary landscape a much-loved Indian street food called Kati Rolls.

What is a Kati Roll? It’s a punch of Indian flavors and spices … Continue Reading ››