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Flushing Chinatown Food Tour With The Guy Who Ate Queens

New York magazine calls him “The Guy Who Ate Queens”.  Intrigued?

Queens, New York is a melting pot of world cultures.  If the entire world was shrunk into a condensed little ball - what you may get is Queens!  Indian, Pakistani, Tibetan, Malaysian, Ecuadorian, Chinese, Nepalese, Mexican.....  you name the ethnicity and … Continue Reading ››

Sheer Brilliance of LetsGoOrder

Too busy at work to go out and grab lunch?  Too tired in the evenings to cook?  Too caught up in that football game on TV to go grocery shopping for dinner? Or just too lazy to make an effort?!!!  Whatever excuse your mind makes, your body is going to make sure … Continue Reading ››

Exploring The Summer Fancy Food Show

This was my second year visiting the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC and once again, I came back feeling overwhelmed by all that our world has to offer.  Food and drink purveyors from all over the world congregated on 3+ ginormous levels of the Jacob Javits Center for … Continue Reading ››

Front Row Seat In Iron Chef Marc Forgione’s Class

Do you like attending cooking classes?  What’s the part that you like the most?  The eating?  The opportunity to tap into a chef’s trade secrets? Or the chance to get to know a chef and his/her style of cooking?

I recently took an excellent cooking class at De Gustibus Cooking School in … Continue Reading ››

Eating Like A Local In Paris

This is the last the article about my recent trip to Paris... I promise. I had to write this one, as I feel compelled to share some tips with you- should you find yourselves in Paris in the near future.

France is home to one of the finest cuisines in the … Continue Reading ››

Getting Saucy

Is is coffee?  Is it a dessert sauce?  Is it a marinade?  Is it a cocktail ingredient?

My brain had been buzzing with all these questions ever since I tasted Karen’s Saucy Coffee at the Fancy Food Show in New York. I could not make up my mind on how to categorize … Continue Reading ››

Learn Indian Cooking from a Master

In recent years, Indian cuisine has become widely accepted, consistently craved yet it is still considered too-overwhelming-to-cook by most people. What is it about this food that terrifies home-cooks? I know it's the rice for some people, but now instant pot basmati rice is so easy to do that … Continue Reading ››

A Day At The Fancy Food Show

A friend of mine, L.Y.,  has passionately been talking about the Fancy Food Show in NYC.  “You will love it!”, she told me.  And that’s all the encouragement I needed to sign up for attendance at this year’s event at Jacob Javitz Center - going on now.

WOW!   Three … Continue Reading ››

Foodie Centric Podcasts

Ah!  the digital age.  I love being in it.  I love having knowledge and power at my fingertips- exactly how I want it and when I want it.  Nowadays, answers to even the vaguest of vague questions can be found and explored in great detail on the internet.  Twitter teases us with snippets … Continue Reading ››

My California Trip Food Highlights

Our trip to Napa and San Francisco was simply divine!  The weather could not have been any more perfect and the food scene made me a very happy traveler.

Of course the two regions have tons of great restaurants and one would need multiple trips to explore them further.   For our first … Continue Reading ››