ctnofa organic farming conference

CTNOFA Organic Food & Farming Conference

I have been hearing about it for a few years now.  Each year friends have asked me if I will be in attendance.  I kept saying no.

In my mind this is a conference for the farming community. So what the heck am I going to do there?  Surely, I will be bored out of my mind at an event like this.  So, I never bothered to delve deeper into this topic.  As a foodie and a resident of this area, I felt my role starts and ends at visiting the area Farmer’s Markets to support our local farmers ….  and buy fruits and veggies in season.  Right?

This year is different.  My physician has just told me that my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are worrisome.  She said, I need to take a closer look at what I am eating – and how I can change things around to a more healthier diet and lifestyle.  Suddenly food labels started to become important to me.  And I also realized that buying seemingly healthful things at the food markets (like a loaf of whole wheat bread or cheese etc) could potentially be super harmful – simply because of how they are produced.  If a product is produced by a big food company – then chances are it has tons of really scary chemicals and ingredients in it….. ingredients that are silently and secretly playing havoc with my body.

Watching award-winning food writer Michael Pollan’s Netflix series “Cooked” really made me stop and think.  I am now convinced that I need to educate myself about truly healthful and organic eating.  I need to prepare more of my food at home- where I have total control over what goes in it.  For the first time in my life, I feel the urge to bake bread from scratch (the old-fashioned way) .. with just 3 ingredients (wheat flour, water and salt) like in the good and healthy old days.

ctnofa organic farming conference

This year when a couple of friends mentioned the CTNOFA conference (to be held March 12-13th 2016) – I felt compelled to take a closer look at what its all about.   As I read about it on the CTNOFA website, felt more and more intrigued.  It is a fascinating gathering of farmers, food purveyors, chefs and passionate people who want to change the way we all eat for the better.

My dear friend Farmer Farah told me that this is my opportunity to really understand how I can make a difference in my own home.  I could learn about composting for the home, take care of my land and keep if free of chemicals.  My property has well water, and its scary to think how many chemicals my family ingests unknowingly.  There are nutrition workshops at this conference. YEAH!!!  The entire schedule of events can be viewed here (for Saturday) and here (for Sunday).

Farah told me that a lot of folks come to support their local farmers.  I know so many of them by meeting them at Farmer’s markets and around town – which made me think that it would be great for them to see my support for all that they do.  I have been told that the vendor exhibit is a lot of fun – with lots of new things to see and experience.

Most of all, Farah is absolutely delighted about this year’s keynote speaker: Travis Marcotte, Executive director of Intervale Center in Vermont.  He is going to speak about Creating Community Food Systems.

But I have to admit, that for a die-hard foodie like me, the following statement from my friend Analiese Paik (The Green Foodie) sealed the deal:  “There are so many people that want to grow their own food, make their own fermented food and drinks, and start keeping bees or going vegan once a week. They can learn to do this and so much more at the conference. Plus, the lunch is the biggest bargain around!”.  Aha!  The lunch she is referring to is served on Saturday.  It costs a meagre $15.  And…. get this…… its locally sourced (duh!) and prepared by our favorite chefs from Barcelona, Kawa Ni, The Whelk, Sugar & Olives, Wave Hill Breads, Plan B and Mill Street Bar & Table.

So, have I sealed the deal for YOU?  GOOD.  Now click here to register.  See you at CTNOFA conference 2016!!!

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