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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=medical-information-regarding-accutane-side-effects “Bereket” in Turkish means enter site abundance or q best place to buy brand levitra from online drugstore enough of a good thing.  And once you have visited Bereket, Turkish restaurant in Bridgeport (make that two locations in Bridgeport) you will feel the same way too.  My dear friend H.A is from Syria and has been raving about this place. The food while primarily Turkish, offers many dishes, with generous portions, to please the general Middle-Eastern palate.

go to link So off we went to lunch today.  We were good and hungry by the time we were seated so, it made perfect sense to order a LOT of food.  Right?   🙂  We started with a Mixed Appetizer Platter that had a wonderful selection of some of my favorite Middle-eastern savories like Humus, Babaganoj, spinach dip etc.  One item on that platter was a chutney made of peppers and tomatoes.  It was deep in flavor and simply divine.  The platter is served with some pita bread on the side and can make for a hearty and delicious  meal just by itself.  There was so much on that plate that we had to remind ourselves to stop eating and save some room for other dishes.

prednisone 20mg tablet Bereket Turkish Restaurant in Bridgeport

follow link We tried an order of Falafel.  Served with Tahini and pita, I found this dish lacking flavor.  It was crisp on the outside but dry inside and needed a lot more seasoning.

go For our main entrée we ordered Adana Kebab.  It comes on a bed of rice with some veggies on the side.  The star on this plate was the Kebabs.  They were intensely flavorful and moist.  I loved them with Tahini sauce and rice.  There is an http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=lasix-ivp-used-for abundance of Kebabs on Bereket’s menu, and I am sure to give each one a try over my next few visits.   ( go to site A foodie can only eat so much at a time, you know)

Bereket Turkish Restaurant in Bridgeport

Now let’s get down to real business…. The Baklava!    We HAD to order Baklava- simply because it was there. Our server told us that it was freshly made and with one bite in our mouths we could tell that it was.  I really appreciated the balance of sweetness in this dessert.  It wasn’t overly sweet so that you could enjoy the crisp savory bite of the pastry as well as the crunch of the nuts. We loved it so much that we had to order some to go.  ( enter I am still patting myself on the back for that excellent decision)

Bereket Turkish Restaurant in Bridgeport

Bereket’s original location is 4031 Main St, Bridgeport (in the Black Rock section).  It’s sort of set behind a gas station with limited outdoor seating.   Not a good choice for winter dining-in.   The owners recently opened another location at 2871 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport.  It’s a casual restaurant with ample seating.  Only problem here is the limited parking spaces on the street.   So be sure to pick a time when the peak lunch time rush is done or has not yet started.

This is a very home-style cooking experience and I hope you enjoy it from that point of view.

Bereket | http://www.bereketkabob.com/ | 203.372.0000

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