Teff Restaurant stamford ct

Ethiopian Euphoria

I can’t contain my sheer excitement at the opening of a new restaurant in Stamford. It’s what I have been hoping for. It’s what I crave. It serves one of my most favorite cuisines (a cuisine for which I have traveled near and far in the tri-state area). It’s flavorful. It’s authentic. It’s family-owned and family-run. Heck, it’s all I dreamed of!

It’s an Ethiopian restaurant. They call it Teff. I call it “Bliss”!

The deep and mysterious flavors of Ethiopian cuisine have always mesmerized me. This food reminds me of South Indian cuisine, except not really. It’s spicy, but not quite so spicy. It’s luxurious and rich – yet surprisingly not that fatty or oily. It’s perfection.

The name Teff is so apt as Teff is an African grain that is used to make Injera, the staple of Ethiopian food. You can’t really enjoy any of the wonderful meats, lentils or veggies without a generous serving of Injera to go along with it. It is a thin, spongy, pancake-like bread made by process of fermenting. Once cooked, It is laid flat on the family-style platters of food, with all the dollops of food arranged over it. It is designed to soak up all the wondrous flavors in its spongy crevices. Mmmm mmmm that’s my favorite part … slowly working my way to those irresistible parts of the Injera!

Teff Restaurant stamford ct

Ditch the folks and knife, people! You’ve got to eat this food with your hands. That’s the way its supposed to be eaten and enjoyed. And the platters are designed to be shared with friends and family at your table. Feeling a bit squeamish? Don’t. Folks at Teff will give you wet napkins to clean your hands before you dig in and after you are done… so there is nothing to worry about.

Teff just opened up a couple of weeks ago and they are starting with a small menu. In non-veg options you can pick between three chicken or three beef dishes. But I have been told – that is more to come in the near future.

I absolutely LOVED the Dorho Wat – a slow simmered chicken dish with an incredibly deep flavor profile. And I LOVED it even more with the Injera as well as the Kategna which was Injera seasoned with Ethiopian pepper and clarified spice butter. So, tell me……. Is your mouth watering yet?!!!!

Teff Restaurant stamford ct

Every dish is hand-made and prepared over a long period of time – to enrich and infuse the maximum amount of flavor. It is food made with love. And at Teff it is also served with great warmth and love!

I love the various lentils in this cuisine. They complement the meat dishes beautifully. There are quite a few vegetable options on this menu as well. The menu offers a Vegan Tasting as well as Meat Tasting options. So be sure to have fun exploring all the flavors. Like the yummy Indugai Tibs (portobello mushrooms marinated and sautéed with red onions, garlic, jalapeños, herbs and spices and more). Oh my gosh! I need to stop writing and start driving to Teff right now! See you at Teff, people!!!

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