For The Love of Churros

It may be to you, but it’s no secret to me that, “I Love Churros”!    *laugh*  

There is something so irresistible about fried dough coated in sugar, isn’t there?  We devour it in many forms: beignets, funnel cakes, doughnuts, cinnamon twists, churros – you name it.  Each with slight variations of shapes, consistencies and the flavors of sugary goodness it is rolled in – yet each delivering the same heavenly contentment as we bite into it … followed by a healthy dose guilt, of course

It is hard to find churros in Fairfield County.  In fact, until now, the only place I knew where I am guaranteed to find churros whenever I crave them – has been at Costco in Norwalk.  Those foot-long churros at Costco get the job done but they are somewhat oily and a tad bit too sweet.   But beggars can’t be choosers, right? 

Imagine my delight when I learned that a new Coffee and Churros place has come to Fairfield County.  Yeah! Lorca in Stamford opened its doors to public last fall.  The owner, Leyla, has a singular goal: to share her passion for this yummy treat as she remembers it all the way from her childhood years in Spain.   Lorca Coffee and Churros, Stamford CT 

“Lorca, Coffee and Churros”.  Simple name, simple menu, simply divine!  Hand selected coffees and coffee based drinks (along with a decent variety of teas) are featured daily to go along with your churro and dipping sauce selection.  Various dipping sauces are picked and prepared each day for your tasting pleasure.  Trying out the featured sauces each day poses an exciting prospect, don’t you think? 

The churros at Lorca are perfect.  They are the authentic Spanish “Porra” style.  The word “delicate” came to my mind as I bit into them.  Thin and long, perfectly crunchy on the outside.  Not too oily and not too sweet (goodbye guilt!).  It is coated with just the right amount of cinnamon sugar to create a delicate sugary coating – without overpowering the flavor of the dough or the sauce it is yet to be dipped into.  Even the dipping sauces were mildly flavored to create perfect harmony with the churro rather than raging a battle of flavors against it.  Nicely done! 

I found Lorca to be a great place to meet a friend for a cup of coffee, or for a quick stop to satisfy that pesky churro craving.  A selection of sandwiches (from Station Eats) is offered for the hungry along with homemade quiches.  

This unique Fairfield County experience is worth a visit.  Have you been? Lorca Coffee and Churros, Stamford CT

Lorca | 125 Bedford Street, Stamford | | 203.504.2847

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