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Fortina? Yeah, It’s All True!

informazioni viagra generico 50 mg a Firenze The attitude: HERE I AM – so what the hell are you gonna do about it?!!! I am not just talking about the people behind Fortina in Armonk NY … the confident attitude also filters through to the food served at this dynamic restaurant. Chef Christian Petroni, a Chopped Champion, well known to Fairfield County food-fanatics for his delicious creations at Barcelona Greenwich, is one of those instantly lovable guys.  He had won my heart years ago at a cooking class at Clarke Culinary Center in SONO.  There he was – cooking recipes from the Barcelona cookbook.  Yet, all the while, magically infusing his own personality and talent into each dish he created for us that night. I loved all the stories he shared of his travels to Spain and the fantastic dishes he learned to make first hand. I have met him a few times thereafter – and my initial impression stayed strong.  Super talented. Intense. Passionate. Fun-loving. Food-loving.  Hmm…. That ought to sum it up!

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follow site So, ever since I heard that Chef Petroni opened Fortina in Armonk, I have been dying to visit.  But for one reason or the other, my plans kept getting cancelled.  And all I could do was listen to all my Fairfield county foodie friends, who had already gone to Fortina, rave about it.  It is incredible, they said!  You must have their Luigi Bianco, they said!  What do you mean, you haven’t been there yet, they said!  Arrrggghh!!!  I was secretly hating on each and every one of them!

see Finally – yes finally, after all these months the big day arrived. I went to Fortina for lunch. What a place!  I loved driving through scenic Armonk to get to Fortina.  I loved the indoor outdoor seating at Fortina.  I loved the ambiance.  I loved the welcoming, friendly faces, and of course the food. Chef Petroni has taken classics and executed them with such panache. The pizzas are not too doughy or too chewey. The toppings create the perfect balance of flavors and textures.  The flavor combinations are ever-so-tempting that you will be torn between what to order and what not to (you will just have to let your belly make some critical decisions at that moment).  Luigi Bianco, one of the crowd favorites, is topped with burrata for extra light and creamy bite with parmesan for a touch of tang and saltiness, and just the perfect dash of black truffle so as to excite the palate instead of overwhelming it.  It is dynamite!

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generic viagra online The small plates also offer some incredible and unusual experiences.  I have to say, this chef managed to surprise me at every turn.   Each bite offered sensational and quite unexpected bursts of flavor in my mouth with the added excitement of textural contrasts to take the whole experience to the next level. There is no doubt in my mind that I need to return to Fortina again and explore more of the menu.  I suggest you do the same.

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