It’s All About The Cheese …. exclaimed Jason Sobocinski, when I commented on how every dish on his menu is designed to highlight the cheese that goes into it.

generic levitra professional 32 Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro is a delightful must-try for Fairfield County residents.  The short drive is worth the big-flavor returns. Jason Sobocinski, owner and cheese expert extraordinaire is also the host of The Big Cheese show on Cooking Channel.  With his unique knowledge and passion he has compiled a wonderful assortment of cheeses from all over the world, offered for sale at his Fromagerie.  And if that is not enough, he took his skills into the kitchen and choreographed a beautiful menu for his Bistro (also in the same building as the Fromagerie) Last week, we went to dine at Caseus with some good friends.  The meal exceeded our expectations.  It was delicious and creative, old fashioned with a wholesome dash of modern.  The simple menu offers small or large plate choices along with a selection of salads.  Caseus Fromagerie and Bistro in New Haven

watch When you come to Caseus, you gotta have cheese, right?  So naturally we started with a cheese board which is selected based on seasonality and peak ripeness of cheeses.  It was wonderfully paired with breads, nuts and preserve.  I highly recommend this as a starter.   On one cheese board you will get the entire picture of what Jason’s genius is all about. French onion soup was one of the best I have ever had – anywhere!  Excellent broth tasting absolutely divine with a secret ingredient:  sherry.  That sherry really created mysterious depths to the flavor profile.  Jason told us that he tries to take this dish off the menu in summertime but its high demand forces him not to.  Yeah!  It’s that good!

comprare levitra Sardegna With a clever play on words, we felt compelled to order one of the specials of the day.  Are you ready for the name of this dish? …  Fromage a Trois!  Three different renderings of mac & cheese.  Clever name and equally clever flavors.  🙂

go site Another special that day was this eggplant dish, topped with these remarkably crunchy bread crumbs, floating in a wonderful crab sauce.  I hope this dish becomes a permanent fixture on the menu so that everyone can enjoy it.

comprare levitra Roma For our dessert, we ordered Pots de Crème. Dense, delicious chocolate goodness topped with a coffee flavored whipped crème.  I love how just a little bit of coffee tends to enhance the flavors of chocolate and chocolate based desserts.  I love adding a dash of it to my brownies when I bake at home.  This dessert was really awesome!  I must admit, that in front of our friends at the table AND Jason, I fearlessly declared that it was “orgasmic”!   What more can I say?!!!  🙂

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Caseus Fromagerie & Bistro | 93 Whitney Ave, New Haven | | 203.6.CHEESE

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