Royal Guard Fish & Chips Norwalk CT

Lahore, Delhi & London – Under One Roof!

I am super excited about this new addition to Fairfield County food scene.  It brings back many childhood memories.  Memories that I have tried to re-live ever since I set foot in the US.  Often coming close … yet not close enough to that taste, that sensation, that feeling of pure pleasure and contentment.  The flavors and aromas of food sold at every street corner.   Ah!  the curries, the kebabs, the aromatic biryani …

Indian food (specifically food in northern India, mainly Delhi) is almost identical to food cooked in Pakistan.  The two countries have shared centuries of history together and so having commonality in food was inevitable.  The other country that made a huge impact on India and Pakistan, was United Kingdom!  How cool that all three of those cultures and countries come together in a delicious way at one teeny-tiny establishment in Norwalk!

Royal Guard Fish & Chips Norwalk CT

Royal Guard Fish & Chips opened its doors recently in the same location were Tim’s Philly Steaks lived for a brief time. Here, you will get the authentic British style fish and chips along with tons of absolutely, palate-stunning, super-delicious offerings from the Lahore (Pakistan) and Punjab (India).  This is the real deal folks, I grew up eating this stuff and I can attest to that fact.

There is quite and extensive menu for taking-out or eating in.  It is my new go-to place for food, every time company comes over!

Royal Guard Fish & Chips Norwalk CT

So far I have tried the fish and chips which have amazing crunch with super soft and moist cod fish inside.  It is not seasoned before frying, so you get to control how much salt, pepper, chilli sauce or tartar sauce you like to add.

I LOVED the Chicken Biryani as well as the Seekh Kebobs.  The tandoori chicken is right on point and super-authentic in flavor.  It is a must-try!  The curries are excellent, albeit a bit oily – but then again, that is exactly how food will be on any street corner of Delhi or Lahore!  Royal Guard is cooking with 0% trans fat and non-hydrogenated Canola oil. 

Punjab, a state in India, borders Pakistan.  Rich in farmland and home to hearty, happy, food-lovin’ people- it has its own array of dishes.  Kari Pakoda and Punjabi Chana are some of my favorites from that region and on this menu.

Royal Guard Fish & Chips Norwalk CT

The chefs and owners, Waheed and Shahida, of this little gem are so warm and welcoming.  After years of great success and cult-like following in Danbury area, their goal is to make Fairfield County a delicious place to be – one sensational bite at time! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Lahore, Delhi & London – Under One Roof!”

  1. I’m happy to see Royal Guard getting a nice review in Norwalk. I’ve been a customer of the Danbury location for several years and stop by as often as I can.

    I agree that the Fish & Chips are delicious (though I often substitute the chips for Hush Puppies). Their fried chicken is also nice and crunchy and has a savory spice to it that is much more flavorful than the average bucket of fast food chicken.

    As for the Indian and Pakistani dishes I highly recommend the Nihari beef, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Keema. Their Paneer dishes are equally good. And one could easily make a meal out of an order of Samosas.

    For those with a sweet tooth, the Kheer is really nice and made right in the restaurant. They also have Ras Malai on occasion.

    Overall, if you are a lover of spicy food you cannot go wrong with any of the Indian or Pakistani dishes.

    I also agree with your assessment of the cult-like following of the Danbury location. Eating at Royal Guard is like visiting the UN. You always see people from many countries and walks of life speaking many different languages. Everyone is welcome and all can find something they like on the menu.

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