SONO Baking Company Has Arrived In Westport!

I am so delighted to announce that, to satisfy my embarrassingly frequent cravings for the best and the yummiest almond croissants, I no longer need to drive any further than Westport.  About 3 weeks ago, SONO Baking Company set up shop in the A&J Market on Post Rd in Westport Connecticut.  Can things get any more perfect … Continue Reading ››

A Well Kept Secret!

Looking for a delightful little place for a warm and comforting breakfast?  Look no further than the Olde Bluebird Inn in Easton.   This quaint little place is such a hidden gem.  Not many people know about it.  A true old-fashioned country style restaurant, this is Fairfield County’s well kept secret. 

We have … Continue Reading ››

Crepes Galore!

Love Love LOVE dessert crepes!  To me the perfect dessert crepe is soft and chewy with tons of chocolate inside and out!  Earlier this year I had the pleasure of gorging at the Jean Philippe patisserie at Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.  While everything I ate there was out of this world, I have to say that their … Continue Reading ››

Foodie Heaven!

Who needs to schlep to Aspen, when we can have our own Food & Wine Festival right here in Fairfield County?!!! This first annual festival in Greenwich CT presented by Serendipity magazine was a huge success.   

Unlimited food and wine presented by area restaurants and wine vendors.   Amazing celebrity chef demonstrations from … Continue Reading ››

Warm Beignets On A Perfect Fall Morning

Last March, I was in New Orleans.  If you have been there, you would know, that no trip to New Orleans is a complete success until you have visited Café Du Monde for their world famous Beignets.   One bite of that yummy fried confection and you will be in love!  Needless to say … Continue Reading ››

A Va Va Voom Flatbread Sandwich!

I am a foodie who loves flavor-packed eats.  And I am about to disclose one of my most favorite things to eat at lunchtime… with a nagging feeling that it might be a HUGE mistake to let the whole world in on it.  So help me God! 

My favorite lunch time meal is this … Continue Reading ››

Bittersweet Feelings

When I heard that Thali Too in Westport has turned vegetarian, I was saddened by the thought of not being able to eat their yummy pan-seared lamb chops any more.  Those lamb chops had taken my family back, again and again, to Thali Too, and many times with our friends and family prefacing our … Continue Reading ››

I Just HAD to Share This Video!

Sorry fellow foodies....I know this is not the norm for my blog....but I came across a video which made me laugh while I learned a pretty cool new recipe.  I just have to share it with you all.

Most of you will know Fabio from his appearance on Top Chef.   Here he … Continue Reading ››

Cooking Oils: Love ‘em or Leave ‘em?

A few years ago, a lot of my family members were getting diagnosed with high-cholesterol and heart problems.  After hearing reports from the numerous doctors’ visits of my family members and listening to advice from everyone I knew, I started to believe that Olive Oil is the ONLY way to go and Extra Virgin … Continue Reading ››

I Finally Met The Man Behind Bobby Q’s!

Couple of days ago I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Bob LeRose at Bobby Q’s in Westport and spending a couple hours learning all about BBQ from the master himself.

My family and I have been hooked on to Bobby Q’s from the minute we moved to Fairfield County, Connecticut from New … Continue Reading ››

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