Bittersweet Feelings

When I heard that Thali Too in Westport has turned vegetarian, I was saddened by the thought of not being able to eat their yummy pan-seared lamb chops any more.  Those lamb chops had taken my family back, again and again, to Thali Too, and many times with our friends and family prefacing our … Continue Reading ››

I Just HAD to Share This Video!

Sorry fellow foodies....I know this is not the norm for my blog....but I came across a video which made me laugh while I learned a pretty cool new recipe.  I just have to share it with you all.

Most of you will know Fabio from his appearance on Top Chef.   Here he … Continue Reading ››

Cooking Oils: Love ‘em or Leave ‘em?

A few years ago, a lot of my family members were getting diagnosed with high-cholesterol and heart problems.  After hearing reports from the numerous doctors’ visits of my family members and listening to advice from everyone I knew, I started to believe that Olive Oil is the ONLY way to go and Extra Virgin … Continue Reading ››

I Finally Met The Man Behind Bobby Q’s!

Couple of days ago I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Bob LeRose at Bobby Q’s in Westport and spending a couple hours learning all about BBQ from the master himself.

My family and I have been hooked on to Bobby Q’s from the minute we moved to Fairfield County, Connecticut from New … Continue Reading ››

… and This Little Foodie Went To N-Y-C

My BFFs and I participated in the Ultimate Urban Scavenger Race in NYC last Saturday.  I had no idea what to expect ….and knowing us, lazy bones, was quite certain that we will quit one hour into the challenge   But, we didn’t!!!  We stuck to it.  We walked all over NYC that day figuring … Continue Reading ››

Got Nothing To Do On A Thursday Afternoon?!!!

School’s out today….and it’s yet another miserable overcast/rainy day.   I thought this might be a good a chance as any to check out the much-talked-about Westport Farmers’s Market.  I have been to other farmer’s markets in the past and am not usually “wowed” by them.  Prices are too high….and produce always looks just … Continue Reading ››

Mario Batali Has Done It Again!

Even torrential rains and flood warnings could not keep the crowds away from this latest hotspot in Westport CT.   The new Tarry Lodge in Westport (in the old Abodanza building by the train station) is well worth a visit!  My friend (let’s call him Mr. H  🙂 ) and I decided to meet there for lunch last … Continue Reading ››

Blues & BBQ Festival in Westport, CT!

Calling all Blues & BBQ fans in Fairfield County.   Blues, Views and BBQ festival is arriving in Westport this weekend, Friday Sep 23rd through Sunday 25th at the Levitt Pavilion. 

Gorge on some amazing BBQ, from local restaurants, to your hearts’ content and shake your booty to the music of an amazing … Continue Reading ››

A Classroom Of My Dreams!

I love to cook and find myself glued to the Food Network channel every chance I get.  🙂 I love discovering new recipes and trying them out.  To expand my horizons, I even took some cooking classes here and there…but in my experience they tend to be a crapshoot.  

Most classes are … Continue Reading ››

Last Night I Said “Hello” To Portuguese Cuisine

For some reason Portuguese cuisine is not as well known in USA.  Sadly, nobody seems to talk about it and no one seems to rave about it.   As a result, I never felt an urge to give it a try.   I felt content in my world of Italian, French, Spanish, American and Asian fare.  Then a … Continue Reading ››

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